1 November 2013

A Halloween Party

So yeah as I mentioned the other day, I LOVE Halloween! I really wanted to have a little party, just an excuse to buy all the fun stuff in the shops and festively themed sweets and snacks!  I went a little mad and ended up buying the table cloth, the cups, plates etc.... oh well, but look how pretty it all is...

Brains and scream eggs....

How cool are my bargaintastic Poundland Pumpkin fairy lights?

A spider got to the cobweb bites first, doh!

This Tatty Devine necklace had to be worn! I went for little accessories like the tights instead of full on costume.

Sooo many sweets, sooo many tummy aches....

Real life friends enjoying the festivities! They SO wanted their photo taken!

The pumpkin carving got serious, mine isn't worth showing, these are FAR better!
What did you do for Halloween? Love it or hate it? Send me links to your party pics... 

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