26 December 2013

Crochet Christmas decorations

It has become a little tradition to make some handmade decorations for friends and family to give as presents at Christmas.  You can see previous years' creations here and here. This year I was in a colourful mood and I thought my stash of Rico Creative Cotton yarn leftover from my bunting would be perfect for the job.

The pattern for the bauble decoration can be found here on Attic 24 (of course!) I decided not to put the little bead or bell details on as I prefer them quite simple.

For the star decorations I found the pattern here  a lovely little Etsy shop called ATERGCrochet.  You can purchase and download the PDF pattern for just a few pounds.  I made two identical stars and then joined them together by single crocheting around the edges then adding a little toy stuffing in between.  To finish off the stars I added a little button.  (everything looks better with a button!).

I started off by making these ones you see above on my tree, the red and purple baubles and the star but I loved them soooo much I decided to keep these ones (oops!) does anyone else do that? So I set about making a few more to give away as gifts.  They are all relatively easy to make and I enjoy small crochet projects like this.
Did you make any Christmas crochet?  I would love to have a peek if you want to leave links...


  1. These are gorgeous! I particularly love how bright and colourful they are! :-) x
    Jo | adventuresandteaparties.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks loads Jo, the colours in this yarn are so fab, will def be buying it again. x


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