21 January 2014

The Year I Make it Happen

January is the month for setting the year's goals and resolutions.  I have always been a massive fan of New Year resolutions, there is nothing better than picking out new diaries and stationery (but of course!) and sitting down to a lovely afternoon of day dreaming...
January can be such a dreary depressing month, it's always a bit of a come down after Christmas and the New Year celebrations so it really helps me to stay positive and motivated to think of the year ahead and a few little things I would like to achieve.
 I find just making a few small goals, things that you are excited about would like to make happen and makes me really happy.  I'm quite an organised type and making lists and having things to look forward to is what drives me..

When considering my goals for this year Lloyds Bank got in touch and asked if I would like to take part in their Year I make it Happen campaign! As I always set goals anyway I thought why not.  They have set up a really useful ap through Facebook which allows you to select a goal split into handy categories of home life and money and make the pledge to try and achieve it on your Facebook page.  I always think that being accountable for your goals by telling friends and family helps you to achieve them.  The ap then opens into a super helpful list of links to help you achieve specific goals.
I try not to be too hard on myself if I don't succeed it is all about trying and having an end in sight, something to aim for, this is what keeps me motivated and ultimately keeps me happy.  I have split each one down to explain a little bit about how I plan to achieve them, they are a process and goals can so easily be broken if you only worry about the big picture.  Splitting them into easy achievable bits is a much better way of looking at them, then you can review your progress on a regular basis.
 So, my goals for this year....

Get my driving licence
This is something I have put off for WAY too long! I am determined this is the year I will finally do it.  I have been having lessons for a little while now which I am actually enjoying and I think I am just about over my big fear of driving!  So to achieve this I will...

  • Continue to have a 1 hour lesson every week with instructor
  • Work on improving speed and confidence on larger roads
  • Once I have experience of busier roads rent a dual control car with dad for added lessons each week.
  • Practice theory tests online
  • Swot up on Highway Code
  • Continue to ask Mark and friends and family to 'narrate' their journeys so I pick up more tips from experienced drivers.

Complete both red routes at Whinlatter in one day
Whinlater is the forest we love to go to for mountain biking, there are two red graded routes of around 10km each, and we are not talking flat roads, oh no these are serious purpose built trails with scary bits and obstacles.  We usually do the South loop as the North loop has loads more technical elements.  But it is my goal this year to get to grips with both routes properly and to be able to do both easily in one day.  In the Summer we hope to do a little mountain biking holiday to Scotland so I need to get good! This is how I plan to do it...
  • Continue with red south loop as much as possible
  • Mark to follow me on the trails and give advice on the technical sections
  • Do North every third time we visit to practice
  • Attempt to complete South Loop and blue route (easy, shorter one) in one afternoon
  • Visit other mountain bike trails to practice new routes
  • Buy a better bike! (this is where my next goal comes in...)

Save enough money for a shiny new bike
I'm not very good at saving money! But this year I do hope to get a little promotion at work (eek!) and that will help a lot in hopefully achieving my goal of saving for a fancy bike.  I took a photo of the one I want, it is a Cube and looks so pretty, bright blue and orange with fancy gears and breaks and stuff (should probably learn some technical how the bike works stuff too! haha). So my plan...

  • Write my target amount on my notice board and make a count down to my target to cross off each month as a constant visual guide.
  • Work out an achievable budget each month that I can put towards savings.
  • On each payday (before I get chance to spend it on other things) ask my mum to keep savings safe for me (If I put it in my savings account it is too tempting to get it out again, harder to ask my mum all the time!)
  • Any extra money I get (promotions, council tax and utility bill savings etc) to go to my bike fund.

Open my Etsy shop and start selling my crafts
I think I have mentioned this before and I have probably been considering it for about a year now but I would love to see if I can start selling some crafts.  This would just be a hobby to see if I can, I don't expect to make any money, certainly not a living from it.  But any bonus money would go into my bike fund of course! Here is what I plan to do...

  • Collect and read as much advice from existing Etsy shop holders and books etc.
  • Start accepting commissions from friends and word of mouth to sell at low prices for practice.
  • Develop my own patterns and think about a couple of initial products and test them.
  • Spend proper time considering pricing, packaging, marketing, costs etc and all those important things.

 This was a sponsored post, I am taking part in Lloyd's Bank Year I make it Happen Campaign

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