17 February 2014

Introducing... Babygro Bear

I would like you to meet someone special... meet Babygro Bear! I have been busy designing, testing his pattern and sewing him for the past few weeks and finally he is ready to be shared on my blog.

You may remember last year I made this Babygro Monkey for my Nephew.  I thought he was just going to be a one off. My brother had initially found out about the idea of making little keepsakes from the clothes your baby had grown out of.  Well some of my Brother and Sister in Law's friends spied Babygro Monkey and asked if I would make one for them, well why not I thought...

So I set about designing a template outline that could be used for a few different Babygro animals, all that would need to change are ears and faces. I really enjoyed making this little guy that I decided it might be a nice thing to advertise to other friends and family that I can make.

My Sister in Law's friend was super keen that I used a particular white babygro that both her children had worn to come home in hospital in, this is the one you can see above, it has nice little details.  I wanted the front to have a bit more colour so also attached a different sleep suit for his head.

One of the gros I was given had cute little embroidered details so I cut these out and used them on the bear. The larger star and the little phrase I put on the bear's bottom. 

I am really pleased with the finished bear, he feels so soft from the well worn babygros and he is a bit raggy doll looking from the different materials he is made from.  I really hope that my first ever Babygro Bear customer is happy with him.

If you would like to commission a Babygro Bear, please see my SHOP page for more info and email perfecthidingplace@live.com 


  1. Lov this - what a great idea and he's super cute! Little Wren ;) x

  2. Wow great work my grand mother do a teddy bear like you with my babygros when I was young and I love it so much.


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