3 February 2014

Month in review... January

Oopsie, think I've forgotten to do a monthly round up post past couple of months, but lets start 2014 as we mean to go on, and oooh let's mix it up a bit with some changes to these posts...
Exciting stuff...

It has happened, OMG, I'm officially famous, FAMOUS! My little loft flat was featured in this month's local Carlisle Living magazine.  Eeek, I was literally shaking when flicking through this for the first time, wee bit nervous about being photographed etc and 'promoting' myself, but I do feel terribly brave.
I have received my first crafty commissions! Scream! This is just a teeny preview, but I will be blogging much more about this soon...
Anyone else really in the mood for clearing out and moving things round in January? New year, new start etc. So during my 2 weeks off over Xmas, I painted my room from bright red to cream.  LOVE it, feels all new and light and bright, makes me so much happier.  I also treated myself to some bargaintastic Ebay drawers, £15 and already nicely shabby chic and battered, they fit right in.

Happy stuff...
« Lots of mountain biking, we been most weekends this month and I'm getting braver with the scary downhill bits, « Driving, I LOVE it, I'm excited about lessons and I crave driving through the week, whats happened to me?? Am I growing up or something? « Attempting to feed Corey actual food, mostly got it round his mouth, up his nose and down his front, but was lovely anyway. « Feeling busy and excited at work, we have fun things coming up, I'm a little more pressured than usual but it is really motivating me. « Little signs of Spring, little shoots popping up all over the place, and starting to think about Summer plans.

Link stuff...

jaymieocallaghan.blogspot.com Super talented illustrator, she turns her drawings into the cutest accessories for her online shop.
hazelscrochet.blogspot.com Hazel is a self confessed crochet addict and her creations are super pretty and really colourful, love this blog.
hearthandmadeuk.blogspot.com I could gaze at the pictures on this blog all day, beautiful. Packed full of craft ideas, this is a must read.
modeandthecity.net French girls have the best style right? Well this is certainly true of ultra cool Parisian Daphne, LOVE her style.  She writes in both French and English which is super handy for those of us who failed our French GCSE!
Well I'm kind of happy to move on from January, I try not to let myself think of it as a 'depressing' month, but it really has been a testing one... come on February, what have you got for us, I'm ready for you...


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  1. It's a fantastic article Jo! Can't wait to see the full details of your commissions, that little face is so cute!


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