10 April 2014

A Babygro Owl

Recently I blogged about Babygro Bear he was my very first babygro crafty commission.  Since then I had a request to make an Owl,  so I thought I would introduce you to him as well..

These little treasures are made up out of old grown out of babygros, so they are a special keepsake and reminder of your baby's first outfits.  I think this is a much nicer idea to make the onsies into a toy that can be on display rather than keeping outfits in a drawer somewhere.

I loved the mix of patterns I was given to work with for this project.  The babygros feel sooo soft as they have been worn and washed a fair few times.

I picked out some details, the bright pink fabric was actually on the underside of the feet on one of the onsies and the pink spotty fabric was the top of a cute little dress.

I have seen loads of handmade owls recently and for inspiration I simply google image searched owls and of course looked on Pinterest.  In the end I decided to make my own pattern, just drawing out a simple owl outline shape, a goggle shape for the eyes and oval shapes for the wings on the side.

One of the little onsies had some lovely scalloped edging details round the collar and cuffs so I cut this off and thought it would make a lovely detail on the front of the owl, you can see it here. 

All the detail I hand stitched, mainly using a blanket stitch in contrasting thread so the stitches became part of the detail.  I then used my machine to sew up the main shape.

On the back of the Owl, you can see a different fabric again and a little label detail from one of the outfits embroidered on.  I like to use the little details like this, I think it adds that extra little bit of personalisation.

All these little outfits were either Baker Baby or Cath Kidston! That's one cool baby!  But the patterns were lovely to work with and I think look really effective together on this rag doll owl.

I am now taking commissions for these little babygro bears and owls.  If you would like one simply email me perfecthidingplace@live.com to discuss prices etc.

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