28 April 2014

A Trip to Lowther Castle...

Last week I was off work and when my friend suggested a trip to nearby Lowther Castle for a little explore I was so excited, I have been wanting to visit for ages...

Like most historic properties Lowther has a beautiful gift shop and an excellent tea room, but unlike most historic properties, as you will see from the rest of the photos, Lowther is not quite whole...

Lowther was let to go to ruin years back and now the estate are managing a restoration of sorts.  They are ensuring the safety of what is left and making the most of bits that can be repaired and restoring the grounds and gardens.

I don't think this place even needs a roof, you still get the sense of the beauty and magnificence of this place.  As long as you have a good imagination this place really does not need to be complete.

 Putting in some formal planting round the back.
The garden was very very overgrown when they started the restoration and they are slowly uncovering original features such as this pretty railed terrace, must be such an exciting job.

There are a few pretty summer houses within the grounds too that are being restored.  Oh how wonderful to have a little tea party in here!

 The ruined castle peeking through the trees looks so romantic on this grey day.

 I love an ancient avenue of trees.

The gardens have some amazing views, I think it is obvious why they built this summer house in this spot.

 The grounds are vast!

This was my fave bit of the gardens, beautiful daffodil lined lawns with views down to the castle.  Wow!  It will be exciting to visit Lowther again and again and see the developments happening with the restoration.
You can find out more and check out all the visit details here... http://www.lowthercastle.org/ 

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