19 May 2014

Big Bright Beautiful Blooms

I must usually walk round with my eyes closed, because this year I am SURE there are way more colourful flowers popping up everywhere! I am usually a wild flower sort of a person, appreciating delicate little daisies, bluebells and harebells but just lately I am just so drawn to these huge colourful beauties.
I thought I would share some of my favourites from my travels recently... (they are sure to brighten anyone's day!)

Who can walk past a Lilac tree and resist having a sniff... soooo lovely....

Pretty pot of Pansies at my mum's house (can't resist the aliteration today sorry!)

The colours are just amazing!

When I grow up I want a whole garden full of Laburnum trees! Yellow flowers always put a big smile on my face.

The queen of all the big bright beauties the Rhododendron.

The park is full to bursting with pretty blooms! My poor photography really cannot ever do this sight justice!
I'm not sure if these are daisies? But they must be in the same family, they are so pretty, daisies will always be my favourite, but if they are a little bigger and brighter than normal ones then hey that's even better!
What are your favourite flowers at this time of year?


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