12 June 2014

I LOVE my Bike!

I think I have probably mentioned a few times on here that I love my bike! Well here is a little post dedicated to my recent biking adventures.

Ah the day she was bought! I have loved biking for as long as I remember, wizzing up and down the road and round the block with my Dad, then longer ventures out into the countryside on sunny evenings.  During uni and London years I didn't bike much at all but on returning home to Cumbria 5 years ago and meeting Mark, who is a keen mountain biker too, my love has increased more and more.

I had a really old bike on returning to Cumbria, then I borrowed an old one of Mark's slightly better than my own.  But earlier this year I bought my very own, brand new shiny beauty from Cyclewise shop which is located at Whinlatter Forest, Keswick, Cumbria.

So it is fair to say that since getting my new bike I am OBSESSED! I get really blue if I have not been out on it in a few days and see it sad and lonely in its dark cupboard! Sitting atop that saddle and peddling away as fast as my legs will go is my happy place.  It doesn't matter where I am riding as long as I am biking I have a big smile on my face! Check me out wizzing down the hill!

Biking for me is freedom, in loads of different ways! I don't have my driving licence (yet!) so on my bike I can get out of the city and discover new little roads and explore.  Also when I am biking something very strange happens. I forget everything, I forget my stresses, I forget about how I look, I don't fret about what I'm wearing and I don't give a dam what anyone thinks! I'm usually covered from head to toe in mud with a bright red sweaty beetroot face and I just couldn't care less!

We have been on loads of adventures so far in the short space I have had her, check her out on her first trip on the car roof (I was so nervous!) We have checked off 2 Stanes, from the 7 Stanes Scottish mountain bike routes so far, and will have the rest done by the end of the summer.

This is Mark and I at Ae, I loved this route! Fantastic fun.  I am not the best or most confident mountain biker when it comes to single track purpose built routes.  I like the distance and actually like the ups but with some of the more challenging technical downs, with lots of roots and stones to knock you off I get a little scared.  But many of the newly built bits at Ae are just perfect, lovely swooshy non technical downs so you can just get your fingers off the brakes and goooooooo!

Top tip on scary downs: They are not scary if you just get off and walk them! haha.

I love biking anywhere! Love the 7 Stanes trails and we practically live at Whinlatter, recently completing all 3 routes in one day (another resolution ticked off!). But I am equally happy with a quick 15 mile jaunt around the country roads of a nice evening. My bike and I do see some pretty sights on our travels...

For me a mountain bike will always be my thing.  I'll probably only ever have the one bike at a time, so it has to be dual purpose.  I like cycling on pretty flat tracks, pretty countryside roads and of course wizzing down single track at trail centres and my bike can do all of these.  I don't get on with skinny tyred road bikes, you can't go through the pot holes and puddles, whats the fun in that?

Recently my Dad and I rode along the South Tynedale Railway track (most now disused) from Haltwhistle to Alston, was just so lovely.  The viaduct in the pic below is called Lambley and it is absolutely huge! The track stops here as it passes through somebody's garden so the diversion takes you up some very very steep steps, oh yes, pushing the bike up and riding on the top of here wasn't scary at all!

Yep we even go out in the rain! Nothing is stopping me from biking fun!

My bike is a Cube Analog 29er, so it has 29 inch wheels instead of your standard 26.  This just means it is slightly easier on the downs and technical bits, you can roll across them and not get too much impact, so perfect for me.  Tight hair pin bends are interesting on a 29er though!
And I am never happier than after completing a long day's biking, with muddy bottoms, mud splattered faces and extra muddy bikes in the back of the car! Utter heaven!

The one downside of biking? Well of course there isn't any, but you do end up with some 'interesting' tan lines! haha.  Yes Meg, we all see you down there!

If you are thinking of giving Mountain Biking a go, check out this vid of my absolute fave descent, Red South Loop, Whinlatter, come on now, HOW much fun does that look??? I could watch this all day long... weeeeeeeeee! (Its not me or my vid!)

Do you enjoy biking?  Where are your fave places to go?


  1. I LOVED this post Jo!!! The photos are so so beautiful!!! And while obv my biking experience is so very different to yours i feel like i can really relate to this, riding my bike is my ultimate in feel good and if i go just two days without a little jaunt, i feel sad and flat and really grumpy!!!!

    Wishing you lots more lovely jaunts on those two wheels xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Sally. Yeah, any kind of biking is sure to out a smile on anyone's face! x

  2. Wheeee!! Look at you go!! I've asked Martin to sort my bike out - we should have a blogger bikeride!!

    1. Thanks Anna, YES, we def should have a blogger bike ride, I would def be up for that.

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