9 June 2014

Personalised Crochet Pals

A friend who has previously purchased a Crochet Pal from me got in touch to put in a new order, she asked if it might be possible to put names onto the little Pal's jumpers?  Well I said 'I do love a crafty challenge' so personalised pals were born!

Here you can see the little Cat Pal hanging out in a roll of tape.  (This is also a good scale guide as well as looking super cute!)

The names are hand embroidered using the wool from the 'fur' colour to give it a nice contrast to the jumper.

I can even add a little matching bow!

All gift tags are handmade and can be personalised with your message. I will even gift wrap and send straight to your gift recipient if you wish.
If you know anyone who might like a little Personalised Pal, they cost £15 including P&P, do contact me perfecthidingplace@live.com

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