2 June 2014

This Month... May

Stuff that made me smile...
« My bike, my bike my bike! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!) « A weekend away to visit my favouritest Sister, just hanging out and chatting (wish she lived nearer!) « Crochet orders « sunshine « playing ball with Kara dog in the garden « super pretty bike trails with my dad « completing all 3 trails at Whinlatter in one day « Ae with Marky « Ferrets on leads « pretty flowers « the first sunburn of the year across my nose « Mum's baking « new baby soft bright green leaves (like in the photo), so pretty.
Stuff I snapped....
« Everyone cruises Ullswater after work of an evening on a private tour right? « What could be better than starting a new diary! « An old boy in a sunny spot. « A teeny Batman (costume made by his FAVE Aunt naturally! ;-P « pretty yellow poisonous beauties « LOVE this Peg pic, she looks like a kitten. « Our perfect biking day. « Love Mark's serious concentratey downhill race face (Photo credit: Matty Simpson)

Blog posts loved...
Scream! Love this plant shelf idea from A Beautiful Mess. I am SO going to make one of these for my new windows in my new bedroom in my new house (Yes I'm moving soon, wuhu!)
This post from the lovely Claireabellemakes is great.  I love finding out how other people stay organised and there are some fab tips here.  I like to think of myself as organised but after reading this post I'm not so sure anymore! I'm good at the to do lists and plans, just not so good at ever sticking to them! haha.
Another fab post to suit my nosey tendencies! I think peeking at other people's desks is so so interesting! I would be endlessly inspired if I had somewhere as pretty to work as Carrie does.
Emma's first attempt at a handmade dress is pretty dam beautiful! Wow, this inspires me to want to make one too. I very much doubt I will be quite this successful on my first attempt though.
This super honest post is a great read. I admire bloggers so much when they are honest in their blogs (I'm not brave enough!)  I found Chloe's story super inspiring, and how stunning does she look in that last photo! 
Tweet Tweet...
This month I wanted to share some of my current fave tweeters... Perhaps you will find someone new to follow.
@AThriftyMrs - Super thrifty tips
@Blogtacular - Missed the first ever Blogtacular conference like me and feel gutted? Check out the tweets and tweet chats for great tips.
@GemmaCorrell - One of my fave illustrators, her drawings just get cuter and funnier all the time!
@FSCKeswick - Local cafe, amazing food (American Diner style) and Cumbria politically minded tweets, great read!
@bust_magazine - American Feminist mag, great tweets and links to their fab articles with super cool people.
@Victoriabeckham - Everyone is just a teeny bit fascinated with her right? She comes across as rather nice and funny in her tweets and silly pics!

My May Goals...

So how did I do with this month's goals...

  1. Explore new places alone on my bike - Done done done! Went on some lovely bike rides, and plotted lots of exciting new routes.
  2. Stick to healthy eating - haha, no! Not achieved this very well.
  3. Spring clean and de-clutter - yeah, I've made a start on this. Still have far to go, but I have an end goal in mind (a house move!) to keep me motivated.
  4. Go on another camping trip - Boo! No we didn't camp at all in May, sad face. Let's hope June has lots of camping in store.
  5. Be braver with fashion choices - Well possibly a little bit, been wearing my new jeans a lot (I usually live in dresses) and they feel super comfy.
June Goals
  1. Complete 2 more Stanes, the 7 Stanes are super fun mountain bike routes in forests in Scotland, we have done 2 so far this year and I want to complete them all by the end of Summer.
  2. Sell some more crafts. I'm contemplating putting an ad for my Babygro Bears in the local baby boutique, too scary??? eek???
  3. Get some more sleep, I'm doing really badly at going to bed early recently and I don't ever seem to get a lie in.  Evenings are becoming un productive as I'm so exhausted. Need more sleep!
  4. Get off the internet! This will probably will help with number 3 too! yes obviously I love reading blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, facebook etc etc but it would be horrid to count the number of hours of my week the internet sucks away.  I need to put my phone and laptop down once in a while (it will still be there tomorrow!)
  5. Get out running again. I used to love running, would run every night after work for a few miles. I have almost given up, (except for a weekly 20 min burst on the treadmill) in favour of my shiny new bike.  But every so often I do feel like a little jog, will have to see how I get on...
So June, what have you got in store for us? Blue skies and un broken sunshine??? Please please please....


  1. Thanks for the mention :) I love to share my story cos I always hope it'll inspire someone. I spent so many years feeling a little lost and believing it was unachievable. I just like to let others in similar situations know that it's not :)


    1. Thanks so much for your comment. You really are inspiring! It's just finding that motivation to make changes isn't it. It's always 'I'll on Monday' with me! haha. x

  2. I love the idea of posting an advert in the baby boutiques - were you thinking Pixie and Bob's and Chole's Closet? They might put one up in Mothercare. Oh, you could put them up in the sure start centres (there's a huge notice board at Morton Manor where I go for booby class!!)

    1. Thanks Anna. eeek! Bit scary tho isn't it, what if I'm rushed off my feet! haha. x


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