11 August 2014

Hello Skinny Bear!

 Meet my latest Crochet Pal, Skinny Bear! You know I think he might just be my favourite yet!

He has long skinny arms, rather like Olivia's Cat Pal, I think I'm still deciding which limbs I like best for my Crochet Pals, short and stocky like Bunny or skinny ones like these?  Which do you prefer?

 As it is Summer (well it was when I made him, its rather Autumn like out there now, how depressing, it's only August!) Skinny Bear is sporting a rather fetching green tank top.

 Here he is along with my hand so you can see just how teeny he is!

Did you know Skinny Bear and his pals Jess Bunny , Percival Pig and Olivia Cat are all made with my original patterns and can be purchased for the bargaintastic price of £15 including beautiful gift wrapping and postage.

You can choose your choice of jumper (or tank top) colour and I can even embroider a name onto his tummy for you.

Simply email me perfecthidingplace@live.com for more info and to order. 

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