14 August 2014

Zippy WIP Bag

Scrolling through Instagram the other day, as you do, I came across a picture by user @mumquarr of some super pretty project bags she was making to sell.  What an amazing idea I thought!  I have a box full of all my half finished crochet projects and I'm always loosing the corresponding yarns and patterns etc, if I zip them each away in cute little bags will keep them tidy, plus super quick to pick them up and take on the go!

I have a little zippy project in mind that I need the practice for, so I decided to have a go at making my very own zippy project bag.

First I chose some fabrics, I raided my fabric stash as I wanted it to be a quick, cheap project. Anyone else stash fat quarters because you are TOTALLY going to get round to that quilt one day!? LOL! Yeah, not going to happen! So I picked out a few, pretty ditsy floral, super cute sheep and some red gingham leftover from my curtains.  I love a bit of Gingham I do!  In the end I went with the ditsy floral for my first one, but will make the sheep one another time.

I folded my fat quarters in half, and then cut off about 5 inches from the bottom so the bag wasn't too long.  I found a small zip from my local market and it fitted perfectly the width of half a fat quarter. So in the end I am left with 2 pieces of ditsy floral, 2 pieces of red gingham cut perfectly the same size.

Now some embellishments! No sewing project of mine is complete without a bit of ric rac, I LOVE LOVE LOVE ric rac, yes even more than Gingham! The brighter the better! Simply sew your ric rac onto the front of one of your outside pieces.

 More ric rac? Oh go on then...

To find out how to make my bag, I turned to YouTube naturally! I'm not going to write out the full pattern as this lady here handily made a video for us...

 Look look, there's my zip all sewed in!

As you can see I have my zip in place with the outer fabric on top and the gingham underneath for the lining.  Now how on earth do I sew it up into a purse???

 I added a little detail of a line of stitches at the top, this helps to keep the zip a little flatter too.

TA DA!!! Here it is my final WIP Bag, I love it!

This is my first attempt at sewing in a zip, no it is not perfect, but hey, its in there and it zips up! The bag is just practice and just for me so who cares anyway!

The perfect size to stash everything I need to work on my latest Crochet Pal. 
If you would like your very own, well have a go at making one! Or follow @mumquarr and purchase one of hers through Instagram, they are SO much better and prettier than mine!

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  1. Yours is lovely. I really like the rick rack. I think I need to make some for me as I have far tooooooo many WOPs xx


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