20 September 2014

I went on holiday!

I went on holiday! A real life, sunny, beach, abroad holiday! I went on a plane and everything! This is a big deal as it has been a very loooong time since this happened! 

We went to Portugal, flew into Lisbon, hired a car and camped.  We drove down the West coast and stopped off at some surfer towns then headed south to the Algarve.

Here are my holiday snaps...

There were beaches..... lots and lots of beaches! Woweee, so pretty! I didn't think I was a beachy person but even I enjoyed sitting (in little clothes!) sunning myself in this awesome scenery.  Top is Praia de Tonel in Sagres a cool surfer beach and middle is Praia Dona Ana in Lagos (my fave!) and bottom is Carvoeiro.

There was sightseeing... We stopped off for a couple of nights in Lagos, a medieval walled city with pretty marina, it was the busiest little place we found.  It had a great touristy feel and really came alive in the many many street bars and restaurants in the evenings.

There was fab places to stay.... Our last couple of nights we splashed out on a bungalow, I do love camping but after a good few nights in the tent (and one in the car! First night, but we don't need to discuss that!) this little wooden bungalow felt like luxury.  I loved these cute little chalets, I felt like I was living in the 70s! This campsite is Campismo de Armacao de Pera, by far my fave, mostly because we pretty much got the pool to ourselves! 

There was lots of yummy food... and LOTS of ice cream!

There was cats.... Yep the campsites had little kitties everywhere.  This one came to our little bungalow, er, yeah we named him (Blue, cos if his pretty eyes!) and er yeah, I went to the supermercado and bought him cat food! I'm a sucker for a cute face!

And... there was crochet! The surfer village of Sagres had been yarn bombed! awesome!

Have you been to Portugal? Do let me know where you stayed and which towns you visited....

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  1. I would never have even considered camping in the Algarve, what a fantastic idea! I loved Portugal when I visited last year but didn't get to see that much of the area so I would love to go back and explore. Those bungalows look really cute!


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