29 October 2014

Buying Handmade - Layla Amber

I love unique jewellery and wear a necklace almost every day. By far my favourite necklaces are unique, hand made ones and what better place to shop for these than Etsy? Whenever I am looking for a special and different gift this is my go to place.  I can loose hours just looking through and discovering new handmade shops.

I recently decided to buy myself a present, as most of my Etsy purchases are usually for other people! Why the hell not, eh! One of the prettiest shops I have discovered lately is Layla Amber, I adore all of her stuff.  She illustrates and makes each piece by hand herself, such a talent.  The hardest part was deciding which pieces to go for.  In the end I chose two small necklaces, a buttercup and an acorn.

I noticed that the acorn came as standard on a longer chain but I emailed Layla and asked if it was possible to put on a shorter chain and she got back to me straight away to say no problem at all. 

One of the things I love best about buying handmade is the packaging, and Laya's pieces are no exception.  My neclaces came in paper tied up with pretty string with the cutest little thank you card with her social media links on the back.  Inide the neclaces were mounted onto printed card, illustrated beautfully with a gorgous typeface.  I almost didn't want to open them!

Here's my lovely buttercup, I love the detail cut out of the wood, so pretty.  There are 3 other flower designs to choose from in this range too, plus larger flower necklaces. 

I also went for a teeny acorn, how cute! I have a thing abut oak trees and already own 3 more oak themed necklaces, but not a single acorn so I couldn't resist this one.

Here is my neck sporting my new neclaces! I won't wear them together like this usually but just wanted to give a scale guide.
You can find Layla Amber on Etsy here, go now, buy pretty things...
Just to let you know, in case anyone is wondering, I was not asked or paid to write this.  I chose and purchased these necklaces with my own money. I love finding amazing new designer makers online and I think we should shout about their awesomness!

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  1. Oh myyyyy... I love your finds! Major jewellery appreciation here!

    pierrelecat | fashion jewellery blog


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