12 November 2014

A Babygro Bunny for a Boy

Meet my latest Babygro creation, Babygro Bunny, this time for a little boy.  My first Babygro Bunny was for little Blair, you can see the pics here lots of pinks and girly colours. The dominant babygro for this new boy bunny was a rather lovely Cath Kidston train print in lovely bright primary colours.

When this order came through my friend was keen to involve some kind of 'feely' element to it, with different textures and shapes etc as she explained her son Isaac is in a very tactile stage and loves little details.  So we decided to go with feely tags and I thought why not make a feature of these, so I chose some bright coloured ribbons to match the trains in different textures for a band across the front.

To hide the joins I hand sewed on a button strip from one of the babygros, leaving the popper detail on.  I like to make it 'obvious' what the bunny is made out of by keeping in these little details.

The details are all hand sewn, the 'muzzle' part is simply the back of one of the gros. They were all patterned but I wanted a solid colour here for this part so thought this looked quite good on the back. 

The eyes are embroidered and then the nose and cheeks are little pieces of felt hand stitched on in contrast thread to make a feature of the stitching.  I like my bears and bunnies to look a bit 'rag doll' like!

I was so happy to discover this tiny bit of Cath Kidston star print hiding on the underside of the feet of the train babygro! Perfect extra little pattern here for the ears.

Here's the back view.  I really wanted to use all the babygros that my friend sent me, so like the front, I joined two patterns together.

I hand embroidered Isaac's name onto the bunny's bum, so we are in no doubt who this bunny belongs to!

It took me rather a long time to figure out exactly how to embroider a name successfully onto a babygro, with lots of trial and error the first time I attempted it with Blair's bunny!  I settled on using carbon paper. I printed off the name in a nice font the right size.  Then place the carbon paper over the babygro and the printed name over this. Then you go over the words with a ball point pen and press hard, this leaves an ink mark onto the fabric ready to use as a guide for embroidery.

I was so happy I finally got to use my new stamp! This little beauty was a birthday present from THE bestest sister ever! This is the first order since getting my stamp so I have been so excited to finally use it.
Babygro Bears (and bunnies) are currently priced at £15 including free P&P! They make such a lovely keepsake for a special little one.  Do get in touch if you would like to place an order.  perfecthidingplace@live.com
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