6 November 2014

This Month... October

Stuff that made me smile...

« A day with Corey « cuddles with baby James « a little spending spree « excellent mountain biking « cold dark evening runs « a lovely weekend away with friends « Halloween stuff in all the shops « re-discovering favourite old games with Meg « new bedcovers « hot chocolate weather « Kara dog « the clocks changing for winter (cosy!).
Stuff I snapped...
« yummmmm Filling Station Cafe's Cinnamon sugar pancake stack « its frosty on those fells « a tent for Meg « Meg being cute « new covers yeah! « Meg helping with changing the bed covers « Corey with his grandad « new Cath « an Aunty Jo and Corey day « Meg is just the cutest this month! « Scary Halloween nails « an evening of baking pizza from scratch and apple crumble.

Blog posts loved...
Zoe London - Anything is possible if you just believe in yourself
LOVED this post, super fab inspiring advice and I SO know how she feels, it actually brought tears to my eyes.  My massive dream is to visit New York one day too! I've loved watching her YouTube vlogs all about her travels.
Ok so this might not mean much to anyone who does not know our uni campus but this post made me literally LOL loudly at my desk at work.  This is our uni, where I work, graphic design course blog.  There is actually some fab stuff on here for anyone with an interest in that area, super useful stuff but also some seriously funny stuff, this post being my fave yet I think.
HOW pretty is Claire's craft studio? I just love how everything matches perfectly in the pretty pastel shades. She's done such a fab job. Looks like such a light and inspiring place to work.  Not jealous at all, nope, not (grrr!).
I'm such a huge advocate of the To-Do List! I have so many lists its getting out of hand a bit! haha.  I love posts where people share the types of lists they make, is that a bit weird that I love hearing about other people's lists? probably!
What? How amazing is Meredith's apartment? I want to pack up and go and live there right now! Oh how I wish I was just a teeny bit as stylish. Loved drooling at these beautiful pics.
You know when you hear about a place and see it in movies and think well it can't possibly be as pretty in real life right? Well if these stunning pics are anything to go by Vermont has shot up to the top of my list of places I must see!
LOVED this post. Carrie talks about her pretty girly side versus her desire to dress goth and listen to heavy music.  I can SO relate! My style has changed a lot over the years, in my younger days I would think you were insane if you said I'd love twee floral patterned anything! haha. I may be old now but oh yes, there's still that grungy goth girl inside me who loves nothing better than blaring out metal as loud as it can go and bounding round my flat like a loon!
October goals review...

My goal for October was to get off my arse and do some serious exercise and I am pleased to report I have achieved it, mostly! I have certainly done a lot more exercise in the last few weeks than in the months beforehand and feel really positive about it. 
I love running the most at this time of year, layered up, some new gear to inspire me and pounding the pavements in the cold crisp dark evenings when noone can see my beetroot face, perfect!
We've done a bit of mountain biking too with a visit to Ae, my fave of the 7 Stanes and I paid the gym a few visits and signed up for Gelt Gladiator in May, which is half the length of Total Warrior but I think a good warm up for the main event in Summer.

November goals...
My goal for this month is related to October's goal and that is to get better at running! I have the same usual route and I never seem to progress.  I can run about 5km but I want to be able to run 10!
I am going to start doing some serious timing and measuring of distances, get down my local Park Run a couple of times too for that extra challenge.  I just need to push myself more and set myself some targets, which let's face it I'm not very good at!

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