8 January 2015

2014 Adventures

I did a little round up of the previous years outings last year (here) and it made me so happy to put together and look back on all the pretty places I visited.  So here I am again this year with a round up of all my adventures from 2014....

First up is the image above. I went on an actual holiday, abroad to Portugal, this was a big deal for me and it was amazing! Read more about it here.

My absolute best purchase without a doubt in 2014 (well best purchase ever actually!) was my bike! I wrote a post about how much my bike means to me here and oh we went on so so many lovely adventures together! From full biking weekends away with Mark, on purpose built mountain bike routes to beautiful country Skyrides with my Dad in the summer and lovely evening rides on local routes by myself. I've loved every second.

Waaay back at Easter time Mark and I took a trip to an area we had not explored before, the Scottish Solway Coast. It was quite possibly my favourite weekend of the year, perfect weather, perfect place and perfect company. We stayed at Gorsebank which is right by the Dalbeattie 7 Stanes so of course there was some biking.

Beautiful Kippford.

Another amazing camping weekend we enjoyed in July to celebrate our 5 year anniversay. We went to Borrowdale in the Lake District, gosh I love that place. I was super brave and did outdoor swimming for the first time since I was a kid. Check out the full post here to see the stunning pics.

On our Anniversary trip we spied this little camping barn and as soon as we got home googled it (there's no internet or phone signal this deep into the lake District LOL!) and we quickly hatched a plan for a fun wknd with friends camping in the barn. It was a tad rainy at the beginning of October in Borrowdale but a good time was had nonetheless!

Another lovely day with my friend Ailsa was had back in April when we visited Lowther Castle, a huge local ruin just recently opened up to the public again. We enjoyed a lovely lovely walk in the beautiful grounds.

But by far my favourite adventures from 2014 include these two! I have 2 nephews now! My little sister had the cuttest little baby James this year, screeeeam! And Corey my eldest Nephew turned one and he is a proper little walky, talky person now and so much fun! I'm the luckiest Aunty in the world to have these two.

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  1. That castle looks amazing! I totally just checked how far it was from Glasgow haha (two hours, totally do-able!) :)

    1. Hi Elise, thanks so much for your comment. Lowther is amazing, so pretty, such a nice day out. Fab shop and tea rooom too (the most important thing!) x


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