13 January 2015

2015 Resolutions & Goals

Oh I do love a good resolution, a goal, planning, lists, organising etc.  These things make me happy (such a geek!) I don't go mad on resolutions preferring to think of them instead as wishes for the year and opportunity to have a good think about things to focus on and hope to achieve.  I certainly don't beat myself up if I don't achieve them!
So lets have a little look back first of all for my resolutions and goals post for 2014 shall we...
Get my driving licence
Well I've not achieved this yet, but actually I am super proud of how far I have come with my driving. This is a hugely big deal to me and driving was something I put off for too long and was absolutely petrified when I started. I am in no rush and I am not putting pressure and deadlines on myself with this. I am SO near my test now and I am loving driving which is such a massive step.  2015 will certainly be the year I am a full licence holding driver! eek!
Complete both red routes at Whinlatter in one day
YES! Done done done! I think we've done this a few times now.  We rarely just do one route, now usually blue and a red.  My biking has improved SO much and we have been to lots of Stanes routes (even longer than both Whinlatter reds together!). Loving biking now.
Save enough money for a shiny new bike
YES! I think I  have mentioned my bike a few times on this blog, hehe.
Open my Etsy shop and start selling my crafts
Well I don't have an Etsy shop but I have sold my crafts online. I have decided against an Etsy store as it seems a bit too much pressure and hard work, haha.  I love selling one or two pieces for fun, mostly through FB and word of mouth to friends of friends.  I wouldn't want to do too much more because crafting is my hobby and will always be my hobby.  If I had to craft every night and feel pressure to fulfil orders on top of the day job it just wouldn't be funny anymore.  But super pleased to have sold a few little things, getting orders and packaging them up to send off is SO exciting!
So what do I hope for 2015....
Blog more!
I fear my blog was neglected a little in 2014, with some months only 1 or 2 posts at most.  I can def try harder! I asked myself whether I wanted to keep going and the answer was absolutely YES. I love blogging. But never one to put too much pressure on myself, blogging is my hobby.  It is fun to post and receive comments and good viewing stats.  But I blog for me, what I want, when I want, how I want. I don't pay too much attention to growing or analytics and all that stuff we should be doing.  I just want it to remain something I enjoy.
Run 350 miles
I love running, even as much as I love biking. It gives me such a sense of achievement and I feel amazing during a good run, really free and strong etc.  I run regularly and I am now up to being able to run 4 miles with no breaks which I am super happy with.  So with the help of my trusty Nike plus app I want to set myself a goal and get running more.  I think 350 miles is certainly achievable.
Cycle 500 miles
I think this is achievable! I must go at least 15 miles on the average bike ride and we have some biking weekends planned where we will achieve a lot more.  I think it will be fun to count up how many miles total I do on the bike this year.  I've never set myself fitness goals before and its super exciting that I feel able to now with a little bit of training under my belt and fitness at a good level. Does spinning count do you think? haha!
More fitness challenges (I think I have gone a bit crazy!) well actually I see these as more of fun things rather than fitness things.  The running and fitness side is not what scares me or makes me anxious about these, its more having the confidence to do the obstacles. These are, if you hadn't guessed, local mud obstacle events.  Gelt is in May and is a 5k, then Total Warrior in August and a 10k.  let's see how I get on...
Save up for my Summer holiday to NYC!
OK so this is HUGE! I might post more about this soon, but we are totally going on my absolute DREAM holiday this year! I could scream I'm so excited.  But a lot of hard saving has to be done between then and now, no random purchasing and no new clothes (well not as many anyway!).
What are your goals and resolutions for 2015? I love these types of blog posts and find them super inspiring, please leave me links to yours...
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  1. Wow those are awesome fitness goals! I need to start running again, I miss it but starting up is so hard! And yay for nearly driving :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I really hope I can stick to these goals! eek! yes running is def hard to start but once you get past little milestones and push past the first hard weeks it is amazing! I don't just run for fitness, it sorts out my head too, its so fab!


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