26 January 2015

A Babygro Bunny in Blue

Meet my latest Babygro Bunny commission! I was super excited about this mix of fabrics all in lovely shades of blue.

He's starting to come together! All the bunny bits laid out ready for final sewing up! (eek the scary part!)

Flat bunny, all sections in place, pinned and tacked.  It's so exciting when you get to finally turn him right side out! Not so much when one of his ears escaped the machine, and that wee bit had to be unpicked and sewn back in again! haha.

All his facial features are beautifully hand stitched. I like to use bright contrast thread so the stitching becomes a feature.  His little nose and cheeks are felt, the rest of him is entirely babygro.  His eyes are embroidered.

I included feely tags on this bright bunny for baby Isaac and was asked to include them again for this new bunny commission.  I love this little ribbon detail, I chose blues in different shades and textures to fit in with the babygros.

One of the babygros had a cute little pocket on, so I carefully unpicked it and re-attached it onto the bunny here.

 Little arms!

The back of the bunny is blue too, a bit brighter than the front, with cool stripes and even cooler dinosaurs!

A full length shot of the final blue bunny.

I make bunnies (and bears and cats, and owls etc.) in all sorts of babygros! They cost £15 each and can be posted directly to you.  A lovely keepsake for your child's grown out of special clothes.  Email me perfecthidingplace@live.com if you are interested in having your own bunny made.

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