20 January 2015

Baby Boy Fabric Bunting

Well I made this bunting quite a while ago now! It was a pressie for my baby Nephew James, who is coming up to 4 months old now (wait what!! shock! Gosh they grow soooo fast!)  James's nursery is a beautiful soft yellow and grey or greige colour scheme.

When I first visited James's nursery after it was completed, THIS bunting monstrosity was hanging up on the wall! Hehe, I liked this old crochet bunting at the time, but just didn't think it fitted in his beautiful new nursery, so something had to be done...

I went to my local craft shop (Fun2Do in Carlisle) and purchased the fabric, I believe about half a metre of each colour.  I then cut out all my bunting triangles to shape, 2 triangles for each bunting point.

I then found a nice font just on Word and printed out some large template letters to use these to cut round on some white felt for the applique name. I used a blanket stitch in grey thread to make it stand out.

I machine sewed all the traingles together and lastly hand stitched on a yellow ribbon to complete the bunting.

Here's James' finished bunting hanging over his sweet little cot in a perfect little nook in his nursery. And of course baby James is going to promise to keep his cute yellow bunting, handmade by his aunty, up in his bedroom until he is at least 21, or ELSE! hehe.

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