6 February 2015

This Month... January

Stuff that made me smile...

« Glasgow trip away with Mark « seeing Slipknot and Korn « running further than ever before « dinner parties with friends « planning a little get away for Mark's bday « planning summer holidays « walking with Kara now she is all healed and better « spinning « seeing friends happy « long chats with my sister « feeling organised « discovering new 'old' friends again « trips to Walby Farm park with little people « feeling fitter and healthier « Mark, always Mark. 

Stuff I snapped...

« It snowed! « Looking rather pretty at work! « Did I mention that it snowed!!!! « My Nephew has rockets on his shoes! « A spotty nail week « Aw Meg Puss « trying to break in new running shoes « building Peg some cosy nests to keep her warm « Mini Irn Bru in Glasgow « Casual Friday work attire (we don't have a casual Friday policy at work but I do!  Lol!) « It snowed! « Aw Meg! « Some new animal pals at local farm park. 

Blog posts loved...

Zoe London - Instagram Tips and Tricks
Loved this helpful post by Zoe all about how to take better Instagram pics and to improve your instagram followers.  Some really useful advice here.

Elise and Life - Blogs I love
Really fab series from Elise of all the blogs she loves in categories, such as old faves, can't get enough and latest finds.  I really enjoy finding out what other fave bloggers like to read, chances are if you like their blog you will like their fave blogs too.  Great way to find new blogs for your reading list.  Elise was super sweet to include me on her recent finds list and her blog is firmly on my blog love list too.

Polkadot Pink - What I thrifted #2: The Polkadot shirt dress
I really love Donna's style, bright colours, quirky cuts and polka dots! She is super inspirational in her efforts to find new ways to wear old faves from her wardrobe and how to dress up recent finds from charity shops.  I wish I had her creative flair for dressing!

Rach Elizzabeth - Two Wheeled Two Year Anniversary
Rach is a uni friend, we met whilst studying for our PGCE (teaching qualifications) together. Rach is my mountain biking hero and inspiration! She's only been riding her bike for 2 years and look at what she has achieved.  I've been riding my bike for too many years to count now but there are still bits that scare me.  Wish I had a teeny bit of Rach's courage. Just wow!

A Beautiful Mess - 15 Easy and Healthy Recipes for the New Year
We all still on the healthy eating bandwagon now we reached the end of Jan, right? Well I am trying my best to be anyway. These recipes do what they say on the tin, easy and healthy, wuhu! I've tried the cauliflower pizza, erm, easy? well not entirely, (but i'm not the most confident cook) but tasty, sure was!

Goals for the Month

So back in my post here I set out my goals for 2015.  I thought rather than set myself new and different smaller goals every month on top I would just use this space to chat about my progress on my overall goals.

So in January I...

... Blogged more! I posted 9 times! Compared with December's 1 post, I think I'm winning!

... Ran more! I ran 22.9 miles! Compared with Decembers measly 15.7 miles! wuhu. I've also smashed a few more time and distance records too! Winning!

... Cycled erm once! Boo. Not doing too great on this one.  But its been rather snowy and rainy and horrible of late.  Where I don't mind running in the dark, cycling in the dark is frankly dangerous and most of the roads have been thick ice and snow this past month.  Once it gets a bit lighter and nicer out I will concentrate on this goal more.

... saved more! Wuhu, have some good pennies in the bank for my hols!

Overall happy with goal progress this month, let's see if I can keep it up!

How are you getting on with your New Year resolutions, still just as determined or have they slipped a little now we are into the second month of the year?

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  1. Aw thanks for the mention! And yay for running more. I'm slowly trying to get back into it, as long as I don't try to progress too quickly it seems to go ok, I keep having to remember to slow down though! :)


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