9 March 2015

My Weekend...

So totally blatantly ripped off  inspired by Anna's blog post HERE I thought I would blog about my weekend.  This is a pretty typical weekend recently...

Friday night had lovely evening with friends, we have a regular dinner party club and take turns to cook.

Saturday morning got up early and got ready... just as I'm about to go out the door as usual Meg decides she wants to play and mews at me until I give in! her current fave game is me throwing her little mouse up and down the stairs and her chasing him! It wears her out in about 5 mins flat, so then I leave for town...

Off into town, I'm wearing my super cosy duffel coat, comfy skinny jeans, trashed Cons and my lovely Cath Kidston bag.  I have no make-up on, but it is 9 am on a Saturday morning, who's up at that time? The weather is just yuck so I can't be bothered to look 'presentable'!

In town I'm drawn to the pet shop.  Kara dog chewed her way through her favourite ball on a rope toy recently so went to find her a replacement (I'm so soft! but she deserves it!) The pet shop has a shop cat oh and bunnies and hamsters, so I'm in there a while, as you can imagine!

I pick up some healthy lunch in town, super yummy salad from M&S and the head round to Mark's house...

A productive day is had working on the gloss paint in the front room.  Check out the beautiful 'shabby chic' floorboards, look so nice! The walls are coming together too, lovely forget me not blue shade.  I sand down all skirting boards and picture rail and put first coat of gloss all way round room.  I like painting, especially fiddly bits like this, I hate sanding however, with a passion!

We tidy up and leave Mark's house around tea time ish, popping to the supermarket on route home for supplies.  We have a big dinner of pasta in preparation for tomorrow.  Then we snuggle on sofa and watch couple of episodes of The 100.  We also most excitedly finally book our summer hol plane tickets! America and Canada here we come! screeeeeam!!!

Sunday morning we are up at 8am, leaving the house just before nine ish for our run.  We run 6 miles, with a couple of little walking breaks of around 1 minute at 2 and 4 miles.  The route is along the river which is kind of muddy in some places, then along a new bypass road.  Feels so good to be able to run 6 miles, super proud of myself.  Mark does 2 laps! 12 miles! Freak! he is marathon training. I'm more than happy with my 6 for now though....

This photo pretty much sums up the rest of Sunday, recovery juice! I have some energy, vitamin juice whilst I wait for Mark from his run, then shower and head to shop for bread cos I know he will want BIG bacon sarnies when he gets in!

Brunch is gobbled down and then I must confess we had a post run nap for an hour or so! These runs kind of take it out of us and the rest of the day is usually a write off. Mark leaves around 3pm, I binge watch Parenthood most of the evening, whilst tidying up and writing to do lists etc for the week ahead!

That's me, my average weekend! Oh but NEXT weekend I have something MAJORLY exciting, that I am sure I will blog about. watch this space....

How was your weekend?


  1. I just want to say two things - massive well done on your running!! I can't run for toffee - actually i probably just need better footwear and to warm up properly but im happy with my bike for now! AND that salad from M&S is the BOMB!!! I'd eat it every day if i could. The Mr has been away last weekend and i have to confess that i bought that for tea and piled it all into a baked sweet potato…please don't judge!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! 😊 I am SO going to put that salad on a baked sweet potato now! Fabulous!

  2. Toys barely last a couple of days with my mother in laws dog, it has so much energy! I love the pattern on your Cons too! I can't wait to get around to doing some painting in our house, but being all grown up and boring and having to get new windows and insulation first. The cream walls will have to hang around for a while yet!


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