23 April 2015

A Little Hooded Crochet Bunny

I think this new Crochet Pal might just be my absolute favourite ever pal I have made! Do I say that every time? haha.  Well this time I mean it! It was quite hard letting this lovely little bunny go to be honest, but this one went to a very good home, my friend Anna who is about to have a little baby. So I'm happy bunny has gone to a nice place anyway.

I chose the colours of this little bunny to go with Anna's baby colour scheme.  She has chosen yellow and grey for the nursery and she does not know the sex of the baby until s/he pops out so yellow and grey are lovely neutral colours too. The yarn I used is Lullaby by Stylecraft, which is just great to use and the nicest yarn I think for baby clothes, blankets and toys. It is super soft and feels lovely, really nice to work, relatively cheap, washable... what more could you want from a yarn? The yellow is called Primrose and the grey is called Misty.  You can buy Lullaby right here... 

If you have been a reader for a while and know your crochet you might recognise the pattern as the amazing work of Luvly Gurumi, you can find them here on Esty I certainly can't come up with a pattern this amazing. I love Luvly Gurumi patterns, have purchased most of them now and had a go at quite a few.
You crochet long tails onto the hood that can be tied underneath bunnies chin, aw!

The pattern does not actually have a tail included but I added one in, because bunnies have tails, duh! Also this little tail here handily covers up the little join where I swapped colours! hehe.

Side view, you can see how lovely the little hood looks. Also my hand acts as a good scale guide so you can see the size of the bunny, perfect little size, work so well as baby gifts.

Big face! hehe.  I NEVER use safety eyes for little toys that I know are going to be hugged and squeezed and sucked by little bablies, they are just not 'safe' at all.  Always embroider your eyes on.  I simply used some black cotton yarn here.  For the little mouth I used pink embroidery thread that I have already in my craft stash.

I like to add the little painted cheeks, it just finishes off the face so well.  I made sure to pick child proof, water based, no toxic paint here in case bunny does make it into baby's mouth!

Here you can see the little ties of the hood loose.

The pattern ensures that little gaps are left for the ears, and the hood lifts over them if you want to take it off. LOVE that little attention to detail, sreeeeam!

And bunny minus hood! Still super cute, but I think the hood looks best.
What do you think of my little bunny efforts? Do you have any craft patterns that you regularly use for gifts for babies?

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