13 April 2015

Monarch of the Glen... Part 2

So recently Mark and I, along with some friends made a little trip up to Scotland to enjoy the most lovely weekend in a beautiful big house, The Buchan.  You can read all about it and see the fab photos on part 1 right here. As promised here are the inside shots of the house.  I struggle with inside photography when the weather is not great, plus its a very old, dark house, so the photos are not perfect....

The kitchen. Nice and functional, with everything you could possibly need in it! We brought pizzas and nibbly food stuff, but there were so many pots and pans and baking trays and all sort of cake trays etc, kind of wished we had done some real baking/cooking in here.

That little window was super handy, opens into the conservatory, right above hot tub so great to shout through to whoever in kitchen to pass you a drink! haha.

I think this little corner was my fave spot of the house (well apart from hot tub of course!) This is inside the turret on ground floor.

The downstairs guest bedroom.  There were 4 bedrooms altogether to sleep 8 people.  All the bedrooms had stunning views of course and were really nice and light and cosy feeling.

The living room, this was the darkest room so quite hard to get a photo. Check out the huge stove fireplace thing, Mark loved it. That was responsible for heating whole house, so had to be kept lit.

There were some fab pieces of furniture in the house, not least this old thing, looked very very old and was so big and heavy!

The upstairs turret window. This had view right across to the little access road and to the front gate so we could see when people wee coming up the drive way.  When waiting for our friends we got so excited running 'to the turret' every 10 mins to try and spot cars!

Upstairs guest bedroom, this one has three beds.

Stag's head. As much as I don't love dead animal head 'trophies' hanging up on walls, I feel that they do add that required Scottish traditional feel. The Buchan was quite plain in decoration.  As an old hunting lodge they could have added a few more old Scottish hints such as tartan bed covers etc. I would have liked that! hehe.

Upstairs corridor, back to turret window.  Straight ahead is a little bathroom, shower room to left, to right is the master bedroom and this room has an en-suite, then just to left is smallest guest bedroom with 1 bed.

Master bedroom, I failed to get any better photos than this, but was a lovely big light room.

And of course THE best room in the house, hot tub room! I failed again... didn't remember to take any photos in the daytime of the hot tub and inside the conservatory! oops!  But look here's Mark drinking a beaker of milk in the hot tub, such a rock star!;-P We may have also overdone it with the bubbles!

Our weekend ended with a little drive to nearby Wigtown, which is a tiny little place full of bookshops.  There was a quaint little tea room of course (Oh how I love a quaint tea room!) we had big scones with jam and cream, yum yum! omg, I could SO eat that again right now... droool!

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