2 April 2015

Monarch of the Glen

The other weekend was quite frankly, perfect! There was a big Scottish house with a turret, unspoilt remote landscapes with not a sole around, friends, laughter, beers, lovely food, long walks, mountain biking, hot tubs and of course Mark! I seriously could not think of a better way to spend my time.

We decided to go somewhere a bit special to celebrate Mark's 30th birthday! Phew he's finally in my decade! hehe.  Obviously wherever we go we have to factor in mountain biking, hehe, so we picked an area up in Scotland near to two 7 Stanes we have yet to do, Kiroughtree and Glentrool so set about googling places to stay in the area.

We found The Buchan and at first it seemed a bit unreal and not a serious contender, being quite big and quite expensive, but how can you NOT want to stay here! So we went for it, and bonus, it was big enough to invite all our friends too!

Yeah so this was our garden! There was a loch in our garden!

The Buchan is located in the Glentrool valley, on the shores of Loch Trool and in the Dark Sky Park of the Galloway Forest.  To get to the house you go for miles down a little road that gets smaller and smaller and more remote. But it is only a few miles away from the Glentrool 7 Stane Trail Centre, and 15 mins drive to Kiroughtree, win!

The Galloway Forest is designated an official Dark Sky Park which means there is very low light pollution, because there are no houses for miles and miles! So when you go out on a cloudless night the stars are stunning! We did venture out after a few beers so the stars were also dancing! But I was amazed that there were so many.

This post has taken so long to put together, because quite frankly I took a billion photos! How could I not? it has been impossible to edit them and and chose the best ones to blog.  So sit back and enjoy a little photo tour of the house and local area...

Oh yeah, that's the conservatory, overlooking the loch and er yeah there's a hot tub in there! WHAT!?!

Don't you just LOVE Scottish architecture, why don;t all houses have little turrets? The Buchan has a long history that dates back to the 1850s.

Little out building to store the logs.  The house is off grid and self sufficient in terms of energy which was another massive plus for us.  the heating is generated from a big fire fuelled by logs and the electricity comes from a hydro system from the local stream!

Of course Mark's favourite job was maintaining the fire! Look at him with his little yellow bucket of kindling, aw! (I was meant to be helping but got distracted taking photos instead!)

 Even the gate posts have turrets!

We loved the conservatory, there were lots of bird feeders so we bought seed and enjoyed watching the variety of little birds visit them. No horrid pigeons and sea gulls like in the city.  We also saw red squirrels and one morning there were deer prints in the mud too!

 I literally snapped every tiny different angle!

Yeah the gang! Well half the gang, I forgot to take a photo with everyone here but managed to snap this one before more of them left!

We had the Buchan for 3 nights, Mark and I travelled up on our own on Friday, did a spot of biking, our friends joined us for a party on Saturday night and enjoyed the scenery on Sunday and Mark and I were on our own again for the final night on the Sunday.

So after quite a few beers, chili vodkas, hot tubs and merriment, we cleared our heads on Sunday morning with a lovely walk right round the loch.  It took a couple of hours, but was a stunning walk and lovely to share it with my friends.

The Buchan is over there somewhere, hiding behind some trees.  Was lovely to see the house from the other side of our loch. Can I just live here forever please?

The area has lots of history. Just up the road is Bruce's Stone where Robert the Bruce died after fighting the English or something! If you wish to read about it, you can do so here...  but there sure was a pretty view from the stone!

The day we got back, and in fact the whole following week I was so down, this has been my favourite little break recently, it was so perfect and such a stunning house and location, it was very very sad having to leave this place.

By bye Buchan... we'll be back one day......

Wait, you want to see INSIDE the house....  ok, then.... tune in soon for the inside tour....


  1. House tour! That place looks amazing! We used to go walks at Glentrool when I was a kid but I haven't been back for ages, looks like it needs another visit :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. It really was amazing, I highly recommend it. We had not been to the area before, but I'm pretty certain we will be back. x

    2. Looks great,we are going here in November(2018) have you got any pics of the inside?


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