15 June 2015

Craft DIY: Fabric Bunting

I was commissioned recently to make some bunting for a little baby's Naming Day present.  You may remember the awesome bunting I made for my Nephew James here.  This time the bunting was for a girl and we decided to go for plain pretty fabric colours.

 So what do you need to make this bunting:

  • 1/2 metre of coloured fabric
  • 1/2 metre of contrast colour fabric
  • 1/4 metre white/cream felt
  • Coloured embroidery thread
  • Neutral coloured thick ribbon, the ribbon I chose was around 1.5 inches thick
  • pins, needles, scissors and your sewing machine and thread!
  • Paper templates, pencil and ruler

Start by making your paper templates.  My bunting triangles are 8 inches across the top and 7 inches down. Draw around your paper template onto your fabric, I just use biro! If using patterned fabric, make sure you draw on the back. You will need 2 triangles cut out per letter then 4 extra triangles.

Once cut you can begin on your letters.  I used the font Cooper Black and simply wrote out my letters on the computer, printed them off and cut them out.  I kept checking the size was correct for my triangles along the way. Don't make your letters too big for wider letters you still need room at the sides of triangles for sewing together.  Draw round your templates onto the felt and cut out your letters carefully.

Position your letters onto your fabric, remembering to turn them the correct way! Ensure that you measure from the top and position your letters the same across all triangles.  Pin on your letters and then you can get sewing.  I used a blanket stitch in a contrast thread so it stands out.

Once all my letters were sewn on, I laid out all my triangles together with their partners, and pinned them together.  Remember to sew them so that your letters are facing inwards, you will be turning them inside out after you sew!

Move over to the machine and sew up each side on each triangle, leave the top open!  Sew carefully ensuring you leave the same distance from the edge on each triangle, use your machine footer plate as a guide for this.  I used just under a centimetre.

I used my machine to sew a sharp point, I achieved this by just following the fabric right down on each side and in the very point my stitches crossed a little.

Check your corners before turning, if there is quite a lot of fabric consider cutting some off, if you cut it straight along the bottom it should make a better point to your finished triangle.

Now turn each triangle right side out using the open tops and manipulate the fabric to work a neat point. You could use a knitting needle to push to fabric out of the point here.

Now iron each of your triangles, to ensure they have crisp edges and your letters are laying flat.

Next I worked on the ribbon.  I folded and pressed my ribbon with the iron so I had a prominent crease down the middle all the way along.  I then laid out my triangles with corners just toughing inside my folded ribbon. The idea is to end up with a neat top, with ribbon equal on both sides.  Pin your triangles in place inside the ribbon and then tack! You want to ensure they remain tightly in place whilst you sew it all together.

Move over to your machine again.  I used a white thread here as I didn't not want it too visible.  I just worked a running stitch all the way along the ribbon half way down to ensure I caught in all of my triangles.  I worked this slowly to ensure that it was all staying in place as I sewed.

I then decided to make the ribbon extra secure to sew a line of zig zag stitches across the bottom of the ribbon catching in the top of the triangle.  I think the zig zags give the bunting a nice effect at the top.

Lastly I worked the ends of the ribbon into hooks to make it easy to hang.  I continued my zig zag stitch to close up the ribbon then I looped it round sewing it closed into a loop on the back and finishing off with a zig zag stitch to ensure it would not fray.

 I moved over to my iron again to give the whole thing one last press.

 My finished bunting all ready to be packaged to be shipped to customer.

 Look at the cute bunny sticker on the packaging!

Ta da! Final bunting in full! Have you tried your hand at bunting? It's a great beginner sewing machine project.

I will now be adding fabric bunting to my online shop, if you should want to commission some name bunting then get in touch! Prices start at £20 for a basic first name.


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