29 June 2015

Review: Lush Skincare

I was lucky to be invited to a Lush Summer Skincare Blogger event recently, and they were super generous with demo's of their products and a goody bag to go and try at home!

Ultrabland Cleanser - I loved the Ultrabland from the demo and had wanted to try this for a while so I purchased a little pot.

I have been using the rather expensive Clinique Take the Day off cleanser for a while now, and whilst I do really like it, it is maybe a bit too expensive for me.  Essentially I am rubbing it on and washing it off so surely a similar style but cheaper product would do the same job?  So I was excited to give Ultrabland a go.

At first the texture feels a little gritty on my skin, but this turns out to be a positive thing, as it also exfoliates a little as I cleanse. First I cleansed with a micellar water to get the majority of the stubborn eye make up off then I rub Ultrabland all over my face and even onto my eyes.  It makes rather a mess smearing whats left of my make-up around, but it feels really nice on my skin.

I then splash my face with some warm water a few times and wipe the remainder off with a hot soaked flannel before toning.

I am so pleased to report that Ultrabland gets off every single leftover scrap of make-up and doesn't leave my face feeling stripped clean!  It actually is quite oily and leaves an oily residue on my face but I really like this.  I think a bit of oil in the evening is good for my face, really moisturising.

I would not use this cleanser in the morning, I prefer to use a micllear water, followed by a cream cleanser and toner in a morning, as without make-up my face doesn't need a full cleanse.  Because this is an oily product I much prefer to use it in an evening and it is really effective in taking off my make-up.  Ultrabland has become a firm favourite in my daily routine and I shall most certainly be re-purchasing this.

Ocean Salt literally smells like holiday! I take the lid off and have a whiff every time I go into the bathroom, dreamy....

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub and Sugar Scrub - We were given both scrubs to test and I was super excited to give them both a go.  After the log winter my skin does feel a bit dry and it feels so lovely to get rid of all the dead skin cells with a good scrub!  I have been looking for a good scrub product for my face for a while and Ocean Salt certainly fits the bill.

I adore the smell of Ocean Salt, so it is a pleasure to use.  I have been using it a couple of times a week on my face in the evenings as part of my evening cleanse.  I cleanse first then use Ocean Salt and wash off with a hot flannel. My skin has never felt so soft.  I love this stuff, another product I shall be re-buying.

I am not however going to be re-purchasing the Sugar Scrub.  I had high hopes for this as a body scrub but I just do not find scrub bars very practical.  It is rather big to use all at once so I cut it into four but it did not cut well and was very crumbly.  In the shower I found some bits broke off well but then I was left with a hard lump that didn't seem to break down.

Generally I loved the smell of Sugar Scrub and it created a nice lather on my skin and my skin truly felt amazing afterwards, but it is not very practical for me.  It did crumble all over the place and leave a bit of a mess in my shower.  I also felt that it was a little too harsh on my skin, I like the smaller grains of the Ocean Salt instead.

Each Peach Massage Bar - As you can see my Each Peach is rather well used!  It comes with a floral pattern on it!  I have enjoyed using this, it makes my skin feel really soft and is a lovely oily luxurious moisturiser.  I have not used it with my partner as a 'massage' bar, simply using it as a body moisturiser after my shower.

I would have probably overlooked this product in the shop with the name 'massage bar' but during the demo we learnt that the product can also be used as a body moistursier. I would always use this product in the evening because it is quite oily and takes a little hile to sink into the skin, so putting clothes on straight away might not be ideal.  But fab in the evenings when you can apply a more oily moisturiser ready for bed and my skin is super soft in the morning.

I am not sure about this product yet, whilst I loved how it made my skin feel the fact that it is a bar puts me off, I don't find it very practical to apply or to store.

Tea Tree Toner Water - We were given a little pot of toner water infused cotton pads to try.  I went for Tea Tree Toner.  I loved this product, it felt incredibly refreshing on my skin and I love the small.  It feels like it really is doing my skin some good, a little bit tingly when applied, working away at all those horrid stubborn spots and black heads.  I shall certainly be re-purchasing this item.

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub - Oooh I love this one, the smell is gorgeous (don't all Lush products smell amazing!?!) and it makes a lovely creamy lather scrub on my feet. Again, like the Sugar Scrub, I am not sure this bar is entirely practical for me, a pot of this stuff would be super!  It easily breaks up and is nice to use, but I'm just not sure what to do with the product after I have used it, does that make sense?  It's just messy on a bathroom shelf, haha!

I must admit I don't pay much attention to my feet so this product is a lovely change.  I can see this bar lasting quite a while and at just over £3 I can see myself purchasing this again.  I will just have to figure out a less messy way to store it? Any tips?

I also got a couple of bath bombs, I'm just not a bath person, I know that's probably the totally wrong thing to say to any Lush fans! I gave my bath bombs away to a friend who I knew would love them.

I also got a Powdered Sunshine, but as the sun has not been out yet this summer, I have not needed to use it yet, it will be coming away on holiday with me though in August!

Thanks so much again Lush Carlisle, I have really enjoyed checking out these products!

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