26 June 2015

Stationery Geek: My New Planner

Who doesn't love stationery??? Buying new notepads and pens and cute sticky notes, browsing Paperchase... I just LOVE it all! But best of all has to be getting a new planner and filling it with all your appointments and plans....

I've always favoured an academic diary, after studying for so many years and now working in a university it just makes sense for me, so around this time of year I always pick my new planner system.  I must confess that I have changed diary styles and not stuck to the same system in the last few years, I think I'm still trying to figure out what works best.

Above is my 14/15 old diary in neon orange, this was from WH Smith, and my new super cute animal planner from Paperchase.  It is just a little smaller than A5, I guess it is probably somewhere between A5 and A6.

I would love a planner like these ones from Erin Condron or this one from A Beautiful Mess, with fun pages to fill in and space for everything, but they are just too bulky for me.  I need something that is going to fit into my bag to take to work, small and compact.

No planner seems to be perfect or fit the bill exactly.  What I would love would be a month to view page, then a load of blank pages at the start of the month, for lists such as financial plan for the month, blog post plan for the month and pages for a gratitude or happy list for the month.  Then a weekly view page to put all my appointments in and blank pages in the week also for things like meal plans and to-do lists.   But no planner I have seen fits my requirements exactly, so you have to make do.

My diary is simply a week per view format, the week has a little space for notes, so I can put my to-do list here and it has plenty of note paper at the back, so I can make my financial plans here.

I decided the inside of my new diary looked a bit boring, so to brighten it up and get me really excited about using it I went a little mad shopping for sticky notes!  I found this amazing shop, The Idea Owl selling all sorts of super cute stickers, washi tapes etc.  Just look at these little sticky notes! I could not decide between the pigs, cats, lamas and lions so had to get them all, but they were super cheap at around £1.50 for a pack, so why not!

I also couldn't resist this cute little cat memo pad and little cat paper clip.  I will use the memo pad for recording weekly meal lists and the cat clip to mark my page.

So this is pretty much my new system... I will write my appointments etc into the diary itself, and use the space at the bottom of the week for my main to-do, but for little reminders, fun things and lists I will use my new little sticky notes. I'm SO excited to get using it properly! (such a geek! lol!)

I like how the diary has a slip cover, so I can pop sticker sheets etc and post its into here.  These cute planner stickers came free with a copy of Mollie Makes ages ago.  I've then stuck a few little pads of sticky notes into the back page so they are there ready always in my planner handy for when I have a cute Lama shaped diary emergency!

Are you a stationery geek? What kind of planner system do you use? 


  1. The excitement of stationery never diminishes. I love Paperchase :)

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment. Oh I completley agree. We just got a branch in carlisle and I squeeled! x

  2. How cute! I love pretty stationery but I'm always loathed to spoil it by writing in it!

    1. Hah know what you mean. I love buying pretty writing sets but then you have to ruin them and give them away! haha. x

  3. Hi Jo - Love your stationery. I have started decorating my planner after finding some channels on youtube who decorate planners and art journaling. I have those stickers from Mollie Makes - they are so useful. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com

    1. Hi Joan. yeah I found loads of Youtube vids too, so addictive! I'm super nosey so seeing how other people organise their planners is so interesting to me. Stickers just make the mundane tasks and to do lists so much better! x

  4. Those colorful stationery and sticky notes are so cute! I think that you are really good in personalizing your stuff and making a good art out of it. Well, with those stuff adorning your planner, I bet you will be more thrilled to write daily thoughts and schedule in it. :)

    Sherita @ Astute Promotions


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