4 June 2015

This Month... May

Stuff that made me smile... 

«Gelt Gladiator muddy fun «Buying my first ever car «A fun evening with old friends «Burghley House «camping weekends away with Mark «morning running «countryside walks with my dad «afternoon bike rides «Picking Corey up from nursery «dinner parties with my friends «visiting friends new adorable babies «my first ever blogger event

Stuff I snapped...
«I love the pretty bluebells everywhere this month, my camera roll is full of them! «Spent a lovely day painting the cupboards bright white in Mark's kitchen, super proud of this little room now «Ah new wool, is there any better thing to shop for? «Admiring my growing necklace collection
«The yellow fields are super pretty out of the car window «The scenery through Scotland out of the train window isn't bad either! «A close up of a new necklace purchase «The prettiest rainbow I ever did see
«A shiny new red toy! «A rather proud early morning run  «Someone enjoying a lovely sunny countryside walk «And yet another lovely new necklace purchase!

Blog posts loved...

A Thrifty Mrs - The Vintage Kitchen Pantry

I adore this pretty kitchen unit, so cute. My kitchen in my little flat is quite 50s and Mark's kitchen in his house, where I will be moving soon is quite 50s too, so a little unit like this would just fit so well (if we had the room!) I will have a little retro pantry unit one day I will, I will!

A Beautiful Mess - Elsie's Fitness Story

I loved reading this, I really enjoy hearing about people's health and fitness stories, I find them super inspirational.  It's great also that she addressed how difficult a subject it is to speak about.  Fitness, health and body image is something that is on my mind a LOT of the time, I'm sure that's true of most people but choosing to talk about these things, especially in public and on the internet for everyone to read really does open you up to judgements which is scary.  However, I only ever have positive things to say about Elsie, she looks amazing and truly is someone I admire.

New Girl in Toon - Learning to Run

Another fitness story post, wuhu! This time from Chloe, I really like Chloe's blog and she is someone also that I find super inspirational.  She talks openly a lot about her health and fitness story and is super brave.  I loved hearing her thoughts about running, I shared my own a while back here it's just super interesting hearing how people come to start and enjoy working out.  Gosh, it makes me want to get my trainers on... shame I have to go to work, boo!

Sallytangle - Dear Hair

Sally wrote the sweetest letter to her new hair do this month, and its a fab read. Hair really is a big deal, having a good or bad hair day can literally change my outlook and mood for the whole day. If my hair doesn't look right I don't feel right.  I also have the same issues as Sally with my hair, poker straight and will never hold a curl. I'm lucky enough to know Sally in real life too and I can say honestly her new hair looks great. 

Goals for the month...

In May I have...

... Blogged... 6 times.. Not bad, I guess this is about average for me, so I'm happy ish with this. I only blog for me and I don't ever want to force it, at the moment blog inspiration is good and I am enjoying writing new posts.  I will continue to try to blog twice a week whilst I have topics I am motivated to blog about.  I already have 3 scheduled posts for June, wuhu!

... Ran... 21.2 miles... Again not too bad, this was over 6 runs so I went running at least once in every week and couple of weeks twice.  However my average distance has gone down and I'm feeling a bit more like I am forcing myself to run at the moment which is a bit de-motivating.  I haven't been sleeping massively well and then not eating well and its just a big continuous circle.  But I'm attempting to get out in a morning before work now so that my evenings are more free, i think getting your run out the way early sets you up for the whole day. Might as well make the most of light mornings whilst we still can!

... cycled... 15 miles... 1 bike ride again! Bother. I am neglecting my poor bike so much recently, I stare at it often sad and lonely in its cupboard at the bottom of the stairs with the spiders. Boo, sob. Again I will blame the weather, it's probably not the weather really. I honestly do not know where my time goes. There was talk of a little trip to our fave woods for some 'proper' biking this weekend, let's hope so!

... saved more... I don't feel like I'm doing mega well on this to be honest.  I had to dip into it to make a rather large purchase (more on this next week) and I'm panicking I don't have enough to cover my expensive hol to USA and Canada, New York is super cheap right? (sob!).

So in June I'm looking forward to a friend's wedding, a little city/gig trip and just hopefully some nice weather finally? Please please?


  1. Congratulations on getting your first car! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time exploring in it! You've been doing so well with your running too. I know what you mean about exercising in the morning, it makes you feel so much more energised for the day.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Lindsay! I'm really enjoying morning running, just hope I can keep up the motivation. x

  2. Love your car Jo. I particularly love red cars. I have had 4 cars and they have all been red. Also adore the "Hello" necklace. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com


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