18 July 2015

Handmade: Babygro Bunting

A new addition to my Babygro range... we now have Babygro Bunting! I will be honest I think I actually way prefer this bunting to my bears

I had some little teeny babygros that my sister gave me, ones that my Nephew James has long grown out of so I decided to make this little bunting prototype... obviously I put James's name on too, so that he can have the bunting, once I have finished blogging it, should he wish!

I re-enforced the babygro fabric with some light iron on interfacing.  Jersey fabric is quite infuriating to sew with and just stretches everywhere... so interfering the fabric just gives it a bit more stability when cutting into shape and machining.

I added the name in felt and hand embroidered in a contrast coloured blanket stitch.

I added some pretty ribbon to the top and secured each triangle in place, sewing all the way along with the machine.

I am now selling babygro bunting to anybody who should wish to purchase some... it would make an ideal baby gift, for a christening, birthday etc! Simply store up those first precious little babygros... an excellent keepsake.  Prices start at £20 for 5 letters.

Please do get in touch if you would like to place an order or would like some more details about Babygro Bunting.... email me perfecthidingplace@live.com 

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