19 October 2015

An idea for a lovely Autumn Walk

We went for a lovely walk this weekend starting in Grange, Borrowdale, up Castle Crag and on to Rosthwaite, it was a warm sunny Autumn day.  This is a favourite walk of ours so I thought I would share the route so you can go too!

Time: Give yourself a good 3 hours (remember to take some water and a snack!)
Length: 4.6 miles
Level: Moderate - It is a mostly flat walk, but the ground very un even in parts, one very steep climb.

I would not recommend this walk for pushchairs or wheelchairs, there is a lot of rather big rocks and steps to climb over and if you do Castle Crag, this is very steep. The walk would be fine for older children.
Start in Grange, Borrowdale, Cumbria.  There is a little car park just by the bridge as you drive into the village, or many people choose just to park along the road. There are no parking restrictions or costs, but watch out for double yellow lines on some parts of the road.

Grange has two good cafes, perfect for fuelling up before your walk.  There are also some public toilets in the village.

The path starts to the right of the main cafe, sign posted to Hollows Farm campsite.

Follow the pretty road along until you see the left hand turn for Hollows Farm.

The road left is now more like a track (but do watch out as cars do still go up here to the camp site car park) walk along with the wall on your left, you will see the large camping field on the left and woodland camping to the right.

You will come to the campsite car park on the right and then the river on your left. This area is just stunning! A great shallow pebbly beach area for paddling and swimming in the summer months!

Don't walk along the river, instead turn up to your right up a steep path from the small bridge.

 This is quite a steep path now and as you can see it is loose uneven ground.

Keep walking up the path until you spot the steep sloping slate sides of Castle Crag to your left. There is an obvious path that stretches out in front of you, this is not the one to take... there is a smaller less obvious steep path to the left.

This next section is the more challenging part of the walk. You are basically walking up a massive slate spoil heep! There is a very obvious path marked out that zig zags up.  Be very careful here (I was a little unsure of this bit) the ground is not solid, so just take your time.

As you can see it is worth the climb! With views of the Borrowdale Valley and Rosthwaite to one side...
 And Derwent Water and Keswick to the other.

Walk back down from the top to the half way point, just down from the very top slatey section.  Don't continue right the way down the as you came, instead you will see a path and stile ahead of you.
The path now is quite a steep down, with some purpose built steps through the bracken and on to Rosthwaite ahead.

Once down the path is flat and even.  The walk all the way to Rosthwaite is very pleasant and easy now.  Look out for the Herdwick Sheep!

Keep following the path along the river, you cannot go wrong! You come to the cutest little bridge, stop and play some Pooh Sticks!
Follow the pretty track all the way along to Rosthwaite Village now.

Spot the little bush full of cute little pals!

Rosthwaite has a good sized car park, a little cafe with fab outside eating area and public toilets, what more could you need! There is also a rather nice large hotel with bar just across the road as you come out the end of the village.

 Stop for a selfie!

Basically you now re-trace your steps and go back out of Rosthaite the way you came.  Back up the farm track out of the village to the river.

Before you get to the bridge, there is a little cut in the wall and some stepping stones over the river, this is a nice little alternate route for a small section.  The stepping stones are fun!

 You will see the sign post for Grange... Just follow this along...

You will come to the gate and the steep path that you followed down from Castle Cragg.  Don't worry we won't go back up, instead keep following the flat path ahead.

 The rest of the lower path now mostly looks like this, with trees either side, very very pretty!

With lots of climbing frames to play on!

There are some steeper sections to climb, but it just keeps the path interesting. Just keep going along the most obvious path and you can't go wrong.  There are a few little paths that lead off but eventually get back to same place anyway!

You soon meet the river again, and the pebble beach paddling area again that you will recognise and the camp site ahead. You are now walking back along the first section past the campsite and back up the road into Grange.

At the end of the campsite track turn right along the road to Grange.

To end our walk we decided to pop into Keswick to our favourite cafe, the Filling Station for some rather large sticky chocolate orange cake! er yum!

What are your fave Cumbrian walks? I would love to find some new ones.

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