5 October 2015

James's First Birthday

My littlest baby Nephew James is one whole year old!!! How did that happen? So of course party planner extraordinaire Mummy, my Sister Jen, threw him THE best party ever!

You may remember we threw him a little party while back for his Naming Day, you can check out the photos here... well this party being the all important first ever birthday, had to top that.... 

Naturally there was a theme and a colour palette! Colours picked were Orange, Green and Blue and the party theme, if you haven't already guessed, was Dinosaurs.

There was plenty to do to get the party ready.  Jen hired the local Community Centre, which is a plain looking large room. So we got to work late the night before decorating the space, we were back again early the next morning before the party to ensure everything was perfect. Jen is a hard task master but a total perfectionist, and it's all worth it, as her parties are just fab! She gets a vision and will not stop until it is a reality.

The big task was the streamer wall! Lengths of streamers sellotaped with double sided tape to the top of the wall and then balloons pinned on top.  It looked so effective.  

There were cute little touches all round the party with these large 'ROAR' motifs in strategic places.

I just loved Jen's attention to detail with the Herbivores and Carnivores tables! Plus a Drinkasaurus and Sweetivores table too!

The food was even dino shaped! Everything tastes better dino shaped!

And Jen's very own creation, Marshmallow volcanos! woah!

You can guarantee that any party of my sister's will involve plenty of cake, and oh she did not disappoint! With two kinds of cupcakes... Dino tails and dirt cakes! Super cute!

We enlisted some wee dino friends to guard the presents table... James's little best friend Chloe was rather scared of these so they had to be hidden under the table later in the party, bless her!

Loads of garlands! These looked so pretty all strung together.

There were dino chocs on the tables too as centrepieces and we played Dinosaur Bingo.

The Birthday Boy himself sporting a rather fetching bow tie.  He is such a clever boy with his walking, I'm sure he will be ready to take his first un aided steps any day now...

Playing with new presents with Cousin Corey.  Why which amazing aunty got you that super fun looking bouncy dino James?

She thinks of everything does my sis, even a super cute dino door sign to welcome guests to the party!

And of course the birthday cake, made by James's talented Great Grandma.  It was covered in dino sprinkles, with them all facing the right way, must have taken hours. It was very scrummy indeed!

No kid's party is complete without a party bag, these had to be the highlight of the party for me, Little bags of dinosaur poo to take home, and the label says 'Thank poo for coming' - cracked me up!

If you wish to hire Jen for your party planning, I'm sure she is available! She also designs beautiful blogs, check her out here... 


  1. Dinosaurs! That birthday cake looks amaaazing! And the top hats/volcanos! :)

    1. Hi Elise, thanks so much for your comment. Top Hat Volcanos were genius, SO tasty, they had popping candy on the top. x


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