22 October 2015

October Faves...

OOOh a new little series for the blog... Inspired by my fave vloggers... They all seem to make monthly faves vids, well the beauty vloggers do anyway.  

Don't worry I'm not about to start vlogging anytime soon, yikes! Love watching them but the idea of doing it myself, just no! hehe.  So each month I plan to put together some faves, from music I'm obsessing about, TV shows and movies I can't get enough of, the shoes and clothes I am drooling over, you get the idea.... 

Hope you enjoy this month's faves...

First up these beautiful printed animal shaped cushions from Sass and Belle. I cannot stop looking at homey items in the hope I am moving soon... Any excuse for all new soft furnishings! (Image Sass & Belle)

HOW good is Walking Dead? I realise I'm a little late to this particular one, but Mark came home with the 1-4 box set recently and I am obsessed.  We always watch it just before bed though so the zombie dreams have been interesting! Try walking out through town in the dark on your own  late at night after watching it... yeah, convinced everyone I saw was a 'walker'! (Image amc)

Seriously! Seriously! Just look at these sparkly beauties. Impossible to resist... I might just have to splurge on payday... I mean it would be awful, just awful not to have one of these to wear for all the Xmas parties I will be going to! These are of course Tatty Devine. (image Tatty Devine)

I am actually obsessed with Fleur now! She is by far my fave Youtuber and I am loving the fact she is blogging everyday in October.  As a new fan I am even working my way through all her old vids, I've watched all her Bride de Force ones and her vlogs from April and February too! Vlogs are just perfect for nosy people like me, MUCH better than fake 'reality' TV anyday.  Check Fleur out now! (Image Fleur de Vlogs, YouTube)

An acorn shirt? How cute is this? I just love acorns, it is so lovely for this time of year.  I haven't purchased it yet, but it is a serious contender for the Autumn wardrobe updates... This little beauty is from Mod Dolly. (Image Mod Dolly)

The Age of Adeline. Oh this movie is just perfect, such a lovely lovely story! Plus Adeline's wardrobe, I want everything! I think Blake Lively is fab in it and erm her boyfriend is a bit dreamy isn't he.  He was in Game of Thrones and Nashville recently too. Watch this now if you have not done so already, or simply watch it again! (Image The Age of Adeline Movie)

Literally cannot stop eating this stuff! Nature Valley's new Granola. OMG yum! I do love a bit of Granola in the mornings, by far my fave breakfast.  I spotted these in the supermarket, and had a quick peek at the calories, but they come out as less cals than my usual variety so I snapped them up. They are quite expensive and you don't get much in a bag, but SO worth it.  I have to be careful though as I could easily just snack on bowlfuls of this stuff.  I top it with a vanilla Muller Light for a scrummy breakfast. It feels like you are eating dessert!  Win. (Image Asda)

Again on the home furnishings theme, I spied this amazingly cute Autumn woodland bedding on the Asda website, and best thing is it is SO cheap, at only £12 for a double set with pillow cases.  The quality is fab too and I am sure it makes my bed even more snuggly than normal. (Image Asda)

What have you been loving this month? Do you do these sorts of posts or vids? Would love to see if you want to leave a link...


  1. The Walking Dead is my favourite thing about Mondays! I'm so glad you're loving it too. How cute is the Christmas Tatty Devine necklace, it's perfect! You must own it! ;)

    1. Hi Lindsay, thanks so much for your comment. I'm obsessed with walking dead. We just started season 5 so a little bit behind... we watched 4 episodes last night... very addictive, but I do have scary zombie dreams a lot! x

  2. Me and Jack have been binge watching The Walking Dead too. We've just finished series 3, and yesterday I totally saw a walker in the bus queue.

    1. Hi Sarah thanks for your comment. Everyone is watching walking dead arn't they! But it is so good. I see walkers everywhere now too!. x

  3. It's always nice to see what everyone else is loving, i'm a nosey parker at heart!! ;) I just don't get the Walking Dead thing. The Mr watches it and i usually go to bed. I stayed up to watch it the other night and had the WOTST zombie dream!!! Never again! I'll stick to Made in Chelsea and Re-location!

    What have i been loving?! Making loads of flavours of soup - i can't get enough of the stuff this time of year! Spiced butternut squash and pumpkin with nutmeg is my favourite!

    I am also looking forward to the new series of Catastrophe starting on E4 - did you watch the first?! SO funny!!!!

    I'm also enjoying sleeping in full length pyjamas, using Lush Rose Jam (it's a limited edition showergel!) and LOVED the new Suffragette film i saw the other day.

    Sorry for the essay!

    Loved this Jo xxxx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, love long comments, they the best! Walking Dead is a little dark, I think I will have to go for something a little lighter next. But I do watch 'girly' things like MIC and Location too! Not checked out Catastrophe though, will have a look. I def need to watch Suffragette too. x

  4. Love this new series!! As you know we love the walking dead here! Those necklaces are perfect and you need to own them all! Oh and we have that woodland bedding and it is even more awesome in real life! It puts a smile on my face every night when I go to bed :) xx

    1. Yeah you have the bedding too, isn't it just the cutest! I so badly want those necklaces, haven't purchased yet, but maybe will put on my xmas wish list....Thanks for the comment. x


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