16 November 2015

My Christmas Wishlist...

So this started out as an idea to create a Christmas gift guide, but I just ended up collecting up pics and ideas for things I want instead, so yeah, this is simply a blatant list of super lovely things I would really rather like for Christmas please... The addrress is... haha! Let's just hope mummy and marky are reading this.... lols!

Fleur de Force's Christmas vids are up now so it's OFFICIALLY not too early for xmas related posts... (I now regard Fleur as my guru on life in general!)

Image: And Mary 
I love these super cute and quirky necklaces from new discovery And Mary jewelry. I simply cannot decide which is my fave though... the bee, no the robin in a top hat, the acorn... aaargh!

Image: M&S

So always PJs for Christmas right? And THE best place to go for PJs, has to be M&S! Want all of these, but yeah Bear Square mostly!

Images: Amazon Mollie Makes

I love new books at crimbo! I'm coveting these beauties this year, Mollie Makes Colouring looks amazing, with my fave Layla Amber illustrations on the front cover.  I have Zoe's first book so would love this sequel too, and I'm dying to get my hands on Fleur's beautiful book.

Images: Feel Unique Superdrug

Continuing on the blogger/vlogger theme here, I'm so curious to try out these fab make up lines from Fleur de Force and Tanya Burr, just want everything in the range! 

Image: Tatty Devine

I featured this recently in a faves post, but still not got round to buying one for myself, but they would make an EXCELLENT present! ALL of them please cos I simply cannot decide between them! haha. These are of course from the most excellent Tatty Devine.

Image: M&S

Along with PJs socks are a MUST for xmas, and of course good old M&S are the best. These sets are super lovely, I love a cute pair of socks, but mostly Percy Pig socks, yeah!

Image: Cath Kidston

My Cath Kidston list is always SO long, but I have narrowed it down to a few key faves for my crimbo list.  Loving the new robot print and this foldaway overnight bag would be a lovely alternative to my usual scruffy rucksack.  It also comes in a blue spot too, in case I'm feeling a bit more sensible? I already have a little foldaway shopper but these are SO useful, this robot one would make a great addition! I also LOVE this spotty laptop case, perfect for my cute new little blue laptop.

What's on your Christmas wish list? Got any good links to Christmas gift guides/lists? I love these kinds of posts.


  1. I'd very much like to have this wishlist too! The Andmary necklaces are beautiful! Especially the bird in the top hat! I bought two beautiful brooches a few weeks ago which are very much in this style, which I love!
    Yes to Cath Kidston and YEEEHA to Tatty Devine Bunting necklace in GLITTER!!!!
    P.S. Your blog is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally pretty!!!x

    1. Hi Kezzie, thanks SO much for your comment, this made me smile a lot! x

  2. Love those necklaces especially the little robin. The Tanya Burr make up range is fabulous especially the blusher. A lovely blush and highlighter. I have the Fleur de Force book and it is brilliant. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com


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