3 November 2015

This Month... October

Stuff that made me smile...

« A birthday party for my Nephew James « Mark running a whole marathon! « My new hair do, I've gone a bit ombre for Autumn! « The Bake Off final « going to Music Makers with my Nephew Corey « a lovely afternoon off work walk through the park and paddling with Dad and Kara dog « A beautiful Autumn Lake District walk with Mark and conquering a fear « lots of driving « a weekend away glamping with my friends « a cuddly Corey when I was babysitting « a new crochet blanket for me « the big bonfire and fireworks display in the park « everything Halloween in the shops « all the pretty trees « taking Kara swimming to a dog swimming pool.

Wow I really thought I had a bit of a crap month, I've felt a bit ill, think I have been fighting off a cold (ugh, I'm never ill so this frustrates me endlessly!) Loads of change and sad times at work and really sad times for close friends have made me feel quite blue this month. But looking back through my list of stuff that made me smile makes me realise I have done tons this month and there really has been many reasons to smile too. I love compiling these lists, I keep a list in my planner for the month and jot things down when they make me smile, as it is so easy to forget when you get to the end of the month, how sad is that!

«Ickle Baby James is not a baby anymore! (ugh!) we had a super fun birthday to celebrate being one though. «Erm, Mark ran a WHOLE marathon, crazy boy, but very proud! «I was a little reluctant to get to the top of these steps with this at the top (was ok though she didn't eat me!) «A soggy happy Kara on our lovely dog walk, she knows if she poses on stuff she gets a treat.

How can all the pretty Autumn colours this month fail to put a smile on your face?

«I started some new superheroes «I loved this table reservation sign on our table for a work lunch out «There were SO many bright berries on this holly, made me come over a bit Christamsssy... «what is better than a delivery of new yarn?

Stuff I blogged....

Catch up on all my exciting blog post this month...

 Baby James turned one and we had a fabulous party to celebrate.

 A new Superhero crochet pattern, did I mention the pattern is here in full for FREE?

 A round up of the internet's cutest little Halloween crochet makes...

 Come with me for THE prettiest Autumn Lake District walk...

 Joules had a competition to design wellies, perfect excuse to jump in the leaves in mine!

 Oooh a new series and pretty new graphic, check out my October faves...

 We glamped!!! A lovely weekend in a barn with friends...

Well of course I painted my nails for Halloween!

Blogs and vlogs I loved...

I am becoming seriously obsessed with Fleur, she vlogged the whole of the month and I enjoyed watching her vids so much. You have to check her out if you have not done so already.

Loved this post, bloggers are literally exploding into mainstream life all over the place and that's fab (Did you see Tanya Burr on Glamour cover, wow!) but Amber is clever here to dispel some blogging myths.

I love round up posts (oh like this very one I'm writing now!) and I love to see how different bloggers tackle it.  Chloe has a new series of October days and it was lovely to read about her month.

Another lovely round up post, seriously how does Claire get her photos to look like that, they all look so perfect? 

Oooh I used to love Amanda's blog, but she stopped blogging some time ago so I was surprised when this popped up in my feed. Super exciting they are moving to the UK, have gone vegan and they are vlogging about it, awesome!

Goals for the month...

... Blogged... 8 whole times! Yeah, super happy with this.  Been happy with my posts this month, a nice mixture of nail art, crochet makes and inspiration and plenty of outdoor adventures.  Would love to know what you think of this month's posts?

... ran... oh dear.... only 6.54 miles, which was just 2 runs, major fail. Super sad about this, especially after last month when I was super motivated.  I shall blame feeling crap and ill plus the clocks changing... but really I've just been lazy.  Perhaps I would have felt less blue if I had kicked myself out the door a bit more. Humph!

...cycled... A little bit! We cycled at Dalbeattie on our Glamping weekend... we did Blue which was 14 km and half of Red the following day which again probably about 14km, so just over 17 miles. Well it's pretty obvious I'm not going to hit my goal of 500 miles before December 31st. Poor wee neglected bike.

How was your October? Have you been out and about enjoying the lovely Autumn colours and the beautiful mild weather? Would love to hear what you've been up to...


  1. I really hope you're feeling better, it's this time of year that seems to catch everyone out! But, ooh, autumn colours! So, so pretty! Thanks for linking to some new bloggers (huge photo envy) I also loved Chloe's October round up post too!
    Donna xx
    Polkadot Pink - a thrifty, life&style blog

    1. Thanks SO much for your kind comment. x

  2. There is SUCH A THING AS A DOG SWIMMING POOOOL?????? Where?!?!?!?!!
    Love your summary of the month! So cool and your crochet things are AMAZING!!!x


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