14 December 2015

Putting up the Christmas tree...

I don't know about you, but it is officially ten days until Christmas Eve today and I am not feeling festive in the slightest, nope not even a little bit.  To be honest I'm not really in the mood to even look at Christmas things and I've nowhere near finished my shopping, moan and groan!(Scrooge!)

So of course to counteract this I decided to put up the decorations this past weekend and blog about them in the hope it brings me some festive cheer!?!

My Christmas tree theme can really only be described as childish and cutesy! haha. I don't have a theme at all, I like miss matched decorations and something a bit different. I usually pick up a few new decorations each year, just whatever catches my eye.

This little gingerbread guy in the top picture is from Paperchase this year.

Next up a little selection of handmade decorations... these are not handmade by me but by talented friends, I could never make anything as perfect and cute as these!

 The cutest gingerbread man ever! You can find similar on Folksy here.

 A little knitted Chrismtas scotty dog! So sweet!

Ah ha, next up these ones are handmade by me, why some colourful Chrismtas crochet has to be included in the decorations somewhere. The round bauble is a pattern from Attic 24 here. The star is a pattern you can purchase on Etsy here. These are SO much fun to make, I used colourful Creative Cotton yarn.

Woodland themed decorations are Christmassy right? Well I just love these and think they look super cute on my tree.  I adore anything with acorns or leaves... My little felted mushroom and felt leaves are from Wilko.

These little felted acorns have to be the cutest thing ever, and they are in real actual acorn cups! what!? These were from John Lewis.

Now a little collection of wooden tree lovelies... More gingerbread men... these teeny ones are part of a larger set from Paperchase.

My swinging santa and super cute reindeer with little bells are by Gisella Graham 

My unicorn was a fabulously thoughtful amazing present from Sally but I think she may have got him from Accessorize. This little unicorn is so special he stays up all year round (he's pink and sparkly and not just for Christmas!) but he gets to go on the tree at Christmas time from his usual place in the kitchen...

Next up some modern lazer cut designs... These two acrylic cut outs are from Paperchase, I love the neon 'Twinkle' star.  The little ceramic star was a gift last Christmas.

 Swinging santa and a little gingerbread man looking extra cute on the tree...

And the finished tree in all its glory! haha.  My tree is about 3ft tall, I only live in a small flat, but I love it, makes me smile with its teeny twinkly LED lights.

Look who is on the top in pride of place, why angel Gabriel Piglet of course! He is years and years old, was in my stocking as a kid...
Are your decorations up? Are you a first of December Christmas obsessive? Or more like a put them up on xmas eve take down boxing day kind of person?  Do you have a themed tree?

Would love to see pics of your Christmas tree...

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHH, these are just delightful!!!!! I love noseying over other people's decorations!!! I did a post last week showing my Christmas tree with er, my hyena decoration!!!!!Xx


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