3 December 2015

This Month... November...

Stuff that made me smile: 

«A weekend with my perfect little Nephew James, he was SO good for me when babysitting! «More babysitting with my other amazing Nephew Corey «crisp misty dark evening runs «playing with Meg mog «a little visit to Newcastle for work «good long chats with old friends «buying a carpet for my new bedroom «new dresses «the start of the Christmas shopping «Frank Turner and a weekend away with Mark «moving offices «watching vlogs «watching the entire Fleur de vlogs back catalogue (how sad am I!) «adventures to see some woods «shopping in IKEA.

Stuff I snapped:
Wow, I looked through my phone and instagram to see what I have snapped this month and I have 4 photos, 4!!! What have I been doing with myself this month, terrible.  

So above we have a sad lonely morning coffee and cake on my own at my desk after my colleagues had left! We had gotten into the habit of morning coffees and chats.. but they have left the uni now, so sad.  Then we have a rather pink and stripey day! Little Corey trying on my glasses and some shiny new plugs for my stupid stretched ears.

Stuff I blogged...

I asked earlier this month if I was blogging wrong?

I quite blatantly shared my Christmas wish list... this was fun to do! (I really don't expect or need any of these things and not asking for them to be purchased for me, simply a bit of fun window shopping...)
I included my regular monthly favourites this month...

Blog posts loved...

Forever Amber - How to be a happier blogger...

Loved this post, read it just after I published this post  and it covered similar themes, there really does seem like so much negativity surrounding bloggers recently and its not nice.  I think more bloggers ought to be following Amber's example!

A Beautiful Mess - Casual Friday 

Love these posts, they are just fun and light hearted.  Always the most interesting part of A Beautiful Mess for me are the more revealing personal posts, I just love seeing what thee guys are getting up to, I'm so nosy!

Tatty Devine - Meet our super store team

Everyone who works for Tatty Devine is just uber cool and thee ladies are no exception! Loved reading this and seeing what their fave pieces are.

Kat Von D - Why the hate?

This is a vlog not a blog... but again this taps into that negativity I was talking about before... Kat seems to get more than her fair share of crappy horrid comments on her posts and it sucks, seriously Kat is amazing, like super amazing awesome! People who write horrid things are jealous simple as that. I love how Kat addresses this here in this vid.

Tanya Burr - My wardrobe tour

Ooh, another vid this one, LOVE it! Who doesn't want to see in the famous vloggers wardrobes... I'm super nosy as I mentioned so this is perfect to me... wish I had Tanya's wardrobe, oh and her figure to be able to wear all the lovely clothes too! lol

Goals for the month...

... blogged... 3 whole times! boo, not really good enough. I have ideas for blogs this month but just haven't got round to it or had bad light so couldn't do photos!

... ran.... twice, a total of 6.65 miles, aargh, crap! I'm a bit pissed off with myself for this, but instead of letting it get me down I'm doing something about it and turning it into a positive, I have set myself a challenge to run every day in December, it is simply a goal for me, I'm not accountable to anyone, but would be cool if I could achieve it.  Its day 3 today and I'm doing well! wuhu!

...cycled.... yeah none at all! Poor bike.

So next month I think I need to change up the goals a bit ready for some January resolutions? Better get my thinking cap on.  I would like to set some achievable goals, but not something I will beat myself up over.

Do you think it is better to set large goals and report on them each month, or different smaller monthly goals?

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  1. I'm so bad at goals- I just bumble along merrily sort of achieving things as I go- maybe I should have more...
    The plugs are preeeettty as is the bee necklace!!x


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