8 January 2016

2016 Goals & Resolutions

I've always made resolutions for the year ahead, for as long as I remember, setting goals, writing lists, planning etc this all makes me happy and keeps me focused. 

I've learnt my lesson over the years to not make stupidly un-achievable ones and I never get mad at myself for not completing them. Some of them I don't expect to complete and achieve they are there to keep me focused and to push myself a little.

So let's get started with a look back on my resolutions for 2015:

Blog More

I wanted to blog more in 2015 than I did in 2014, in 2014 I posted 50 times and in 2015 I blogged 67 times so that's certainly an improvement, not running out of blog inspiration yet...

Run 350 miles

I never used to measure or log runs until I discovered my Nike Runing app, so I had to settle on a number based on not much at all! 350 seemed good giving me an average of around 7 miles a week. My usual runs are around 3.5 miles so I thought 2 runs a week was probably manageable.

According to my Nike app I ran 273 miles in 2015, so average of about 5 miles per week.  Looking at my stats I am proud to see there are runs recorded for each month of the year, admittedly some months (Oct and Nov) have only a couple each but other months have many!

I may not heave reached 350 but that 273 there on my Nike app looks pretty good to me! That's like running from Carlisle to Oxford! :-)

Bike 500 miles

Similarly with running I have never logged my bike mileage so had to pick a random number.  We seemed to bike loads in 2014 so 500 didn't seem too much considering average rides out are about 15 miles.

I recorded my bike miles on a little GPS tracker which plugs into my computer, as I never take my phone biking - its far too likely to get muddy, wet and broken! Plus I hate the biking apps like Strava etc, I don't do competitiveness in any shape or form!

So... drum roll please... I biked a (very measly) 132 miles in 2015.  Boo! I'm more sad than disappointed in this, just means we have had so few biking adventures, for various reasons. This HAS to be rectified this year. 

Complete Total Warrior and Gelt Gladiator

Mark has done Total Warrior since it started and I've always gone to support him at the races and started to feel a little jealous.  Whilst these sorts of things look like a massive physical challenge you can't deny they also look like a hell of a lot of fun! Rolling around in thick mud, yes please!
So I said to myself this year I would do Total Warrior which is a 10k and many obstacles! Before I got it booked I noticed a new event on the Cumbrian mud obstacle race scene Gelt Gladiator, which is a bit more close to home and offered a 5k introductory event, perfect! So I signed up for Gelt Gladiator with my Friend Emma.  You can read about my experiences and see the hilarious photos here.

After Gelt I decided these events were not for me.  I like the running, I LOVE the mud but I don't have the desire to be strong enough to do the big walls and such like. I knew I would fail miserably at Total Warrior so I made the decision not to enter. I'm happy I've done a mud obstacle race though, it was a LOT of fun... I may even do Gelt Gladiator again this year.... we shall see....

Save up for my Summer holiday to NYC

Well my America/Canada trip this summer was certainly the most expensive holiday I've ever had, always worth it though! I'm useless at saving... but I am super proud of myself that I saved a fair bit of money in advance for this trip, goal done! wuhu! Now where's next?

Jo's 2016 Resolutions

So now we move onto a list of goals and resolutions for 2016.  I want to make a list that I can report upon each month as I have been doing in 2015 on my monthly round up posts....
So here they are...

Be Happy

Simple isn't it! Haha.  This is my priority and number 1! I am not unhappy but I know I can be happier, less anxious, less stressed, more motivated, more grateful and more present.
I'm going to delve into some books and YouTube vids on happiness and mindfulness. I'm going to get a bit hippy with some meditation and yoga and just dam well try my best to not have every other sentence out of my mouth be a negative one.  I shall report on my findings each month...

Run 350 Miles

Well this fits in with the above, running is my happy pills! If I can run more I will be sorted.  So the 350 stands at this year's goal as I didn't reach it in 2015, but was close... I think it is achievable for 2016.

Bike 500 Miles

Being on my bike is my happy place, doesn't matter where the bike happens to be, but sitting on that saddle (when in motion outside!!!) puts the biggest grin on my face.  Mark and I have agreed after our mega epic expensive holiday in 2015 we will focus on smaller trips and weekends away this year and hopefully some of them will include our bikes.

Sort out a car and drive it lots!

So I passed my driving test in 2015 which was awesome! Then I got a little car but kind of went backwards a bit and lost my confidence which I was endlessly guilty about, ugh.  Now little red car is sadly no more (sob sob!) and I haven't driven for months. I don't want to waste all the time and effort and built up confidence so I NEED to get back driving this year one way or another.

See friends and family lots more and have fun

I spend too much time alone! I live alone and sometimes I sit there and cannot be bothered to go out and do things and that's just poo! Family and friends are what life is about... so I will make things happen, I will initiate impromptu visits with friends, I will go spend time with my parents, nephews and siblings, and of course lots of quality time with Mark, I will, I will...

Spend less time looking at screens

I sit at a computer at work all day long, then stare at my phone my whole lunch break, get home and first thing I do, switch the laptop on and watch YouTube videos and internet TVs all evening, aaaargh! I then get frustrated I get nothing done. I wish to read actual books, I wish to go out of the house... I'm addicted to my phone and it has to stop! I want to live MY life not stare at other people's lives on screens.
So that's it, how will I get on when reflecting back this time next year? I love love love reading about other people's goals, so if you have made a resolution post, please do leave me a link below...


  1. Hi there Jo, I enjoyed reading your post a lot :D Some great goals there! Good luck with all of them! I wrote a list of mine here if you're interested :) http://deborahcardinal.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/goals-for-2016.html


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