19 February 2016

Biking to Pooley Bridge

I've been blogging about my weekend away in a cottage in the Lakes, you can see the cottage here and our first day biking adventure here.

So the next morning, we looked out of the window and a light dusting of snow had changed the landscape into a winter wonderland. I snapped all the same views over again, this time in white! hehe.

Standard no make up selfies!

Someone came to visit us during the night! I think these must be bunny prints! aw.

So I didn't sleep massively well the previous night after the epic hill we had to push the bikes up the day before. My whole body was aching, but we had planned a weekend of biking and I really badly wanted to bike to Pooley Bridge, so I got over it and got back on the bike...

So in December in Cumbria we had rather a lot of rain and a lot of flooding, one of the major casualties in Cumbria of the floods was the beautiful bridge at the village of Pooley Bridge which is a popular tourist spot on Ullswater. We have visited a few times before and love it.

We obviously knew that the bridge was down but figured we could try and get to Pooley Bridge anyway.  The village is kind of cut off without its bridge! But it is good to do your bit for tourism in the area....

So after some internet research we discovered there was a footbridge a bit further up the river so set out to find it. Eeek, it was a bit rickety... HOW did this spindly little thing survive when the centuries old massive stone structure of Pooley Bridge collapsed? Anywho, we got across, (very fast! it rocked quite a lot whilst walking, yikes!).

So our options at the other side of the bridge were a bridleway to a little village 1/2 mile away then roads down to Pooley Bridge or a 1 1/4 mile footpath. Biking is of course illegal on footpaths so we picked the bridleway so we could bike it.  Or should I say Mark picked the bridleway! We didn't bike it because yeah... ankle deep mud! lol! (I wasn't lolling much after nearly loosing trainers many times and being stared at by fiendish looking cows!)

Dam it, our plans to visit Granny Dowbekin's tearoom are probably scuppered now... Yes they let in walkers and dogs but this much mud is probably taking the P***!? This is just my feet, I didn't get evidence of the bike!

I lol'd at this sign on the way into the village! hehe. At least the locals have a sense of humour about the whole thing!

After dunking our bikes and wading into the freezing cold Ullswater to clean mud off feet and legs Mark was forced into Granny Dowbekin's to get hot choc takeaways whilst I guarded the bikes (I don't like leaving my precious bike!) The major reason for our visit to Pooley Bridge was the fact we heard they were doing these Gingerbridges as a special promotion to get tourists to visit the village. LOVE it!

So we gobbled down some gingerbridges and set off back home again to our cosy cottage.  yet another bike ride where we had to go the same way back as we got here...

We decided to walk our bikes along the mile footpath instead of go back into that er field swamp! It was a pleasant walk back to the scary bridge.

The road alongside the lake is beautiful, but it's quite a busy road and I don't love road cycling much. Plus its a fair way at around 8 or so miles.

At Aira Force the road then goes up and up and up and up again... but you know it's worth it for the views back down to the lake.

We made it to the top of the hill and it turned to a snow and hail blizzard which was interesting, we finally made it home just before dark and snuggled by the fire in our blankets for our final night in the cottage.

The total miles for today's biking adventure was around 23, a good effort.
I felt so blue coming home the next day. It was only 3 nights but felt like a proper escape, a good break away from it all. 

Now where next?

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