1 March 2016

A day out in Edinburgh

This weekend was lovely... My friend Ailsa and I went to Edinburgh for the weekend, just you know cos we wanted to!

We planned in loads to do, with looking round the historic sites, bit of shopping, lots of eating, and a super exciting visit somewhere else on Sunday (further blog post coming up!)

So we stayed in the west end of the city and it was a short walk into the town centre.  On the way into town we spotted this super pretty little collection of buildings around the river... what!

I have since discovered that this place is called Dean Village I would love to explore around here a bit more.

Our first point of call was the Castle, of course! We both love our history and visiting historical sites... We posed for a selfie before we went in.... We've both been to the Castle before but it is always worth a visit, you do learn something new and spot something new every time.

I couldn't help snapping loads of the pretty sites within the castle walls.

The cafe was just around here too, we popped in for hot chocolate and it was YUM! Do pop into the cafe if you are visiting the Castle.

Big cannon!

There are some pretty awesome views out across the city to the sea from the Castle!

I love this little gap between the buildings!

We were super lucky with the weather all weekend, it was a lovely bright, crisp spring weather, didn't rain and was quite sunny! Perfect. Of course Scotland is always at LEAST 10 degrees colder than England (actual fact!!! lol!) so we wrapped up warm.

After the Castle we wandered the length of the Royal Mile, by now it had got quite busy... tourists everywhere at all times of year in this place....

We went in lots of cool shops, one shop we discovered was a little craft market, so naturally I couldn't resist and I spied this super cute little deer necklace.

One of my favourite things to do in Edinburgh is discover all the little lanes and hidden bits, I love this little courtyard down near the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The day ended in Hendersons a veggie restaurant in new town area. I highly recommend this place, so many yummy things. I never think I'm indecisive expect when in veggie restaurants, its ace being able to pick anything I want from the menu for once!

What are your favourite things to do in Edinburgh?

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