3 March 2016

This Month: February

So what have I been up to this month?

It's been a super fun month, packed with loads of stuff...

My dad and I popped along to Carlisle station to see the Flying Scotsman coming in, there were SO many people there all to see a train. It's pretty interesting, historical train though.

Lots of playing with this Meg Mog. Here she is hanging out in her box, she has actually had this box since Christmas Day! I don't usually let them hang around this long... but she LOVES it SO much, how can you take something away from this little face?

Mark and I had a day in town (this never happens!) and we popped out for big burgers, yum!

I was in Newcastle again, babysitting for this wee one again! aw! Love my nephew times. I also babysat for my older nephew Corey (he's 2) I failed to get photos though, bad aunty!

My favourite part of the month has to be our weekend away in the Lakes near Ullswater, it was just so lovely. Full blog post here.

I've been eating FAR too many sweets! Ugh, those little Easter eggs everywhere are simply impossible to resist. My fave by far are the M&S Chicky Choccy Speckled eggs, yum yum! But the Goody Good Stuff Summer Peaches are like healthy right?? so they don't count! LOL. I could eat those peaches until they come out of my ears... drool!

I had such a super fun weekend with my friend Ailsa in Edinburgh.

The second day of our Edinburgh trip was amazing.... anyone guess where we went? Screeeam! Full post coming soon...

and other stuff I failed to get photos of:

Had a lovely meal out after work with colleagues.

It was pancake day! So of course we ate pancakes, can you believe I didn't instagram my pancakes, I think this must be the ultimate blogger fail! lol! But they were tasty. Mark always makes the pancakes and does the flipping, I make the batter (easy bit!)

I've met up with friends a few times for crochet evenings which have been lots of fun, its great to share a hobby like this.  More on this coming soon to the blog....

Mark and I went to the cinema again, we never seem to go to the cinema, and now twice in two months, yeah! I never mind what we see, just enjoy the big screen experience, and let's face it the large snacks! We saw Deadpool which was very very funny. And I had my first trip to Nandos! 

stuff I blogged...

 High Brow Cottage
 Biking to Pooley Bridge
 Biking the old coach road
 A crochet blanket for me
 A day out on Edinburgh
Feb Faves

How I'm getting on with my goals this month...

Be Happy
I feel really good, shall we say 'happy' about this one! haha. I'm looking at lots of different contributing factors and been enjoying lots of meditation, books and even podcasts. This is going well, hurrah!

Run 350
Well I've completed a total of 5 runs and 13.8 miles, arrgh! Thats worse than last month. Poo, oh well, I won't be too hard on myself. I do need to bear in mind though, I have 318.5 to go which is averaging about 30 miles per month. I need to be running 3 times per week or upping my distances....

Cycle 500
We had two lovely days of cycling all day and it was fab! These were the only two days of cycling this month but we covered a few miles. So this month my total is 41.2, and grand total for year so far is 89.2, I'm certainly hitting my targets so far, wuhu. Now with nights getting a bit lighter I may be able to start squeezing in evening rides too.

Sort out a car and drive it lots
Not really done anything on this, my Dad has been looking at good deals for me though, thanks Dad!

See friends and family lots more
Yeah, had lots of friends and family time this month, seen both nephews, seen my sister, lots of time with Mark and a weekend with one of my best friends. Had a couple of evenings with friends too... I could probably see my parents more though... feel like not seen them much this month.

Spend less time looking at screens
Well our weekend away in the lakes there was no phone signal and no internet so I only looked at my phone to take photos. It was fab being away from it all for the weekend and I didn't really miss it! Evenings spent cooking and playing games. So I could be watching a little less TV but I have proven I can get through life without my phone!

What have you been up to this month?

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