27 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 7

Well this week has been a lot less busy and stressy and I'm starting to feel settled in my new house, wuhu! I am now super happy I can focus on enjoying living in my new home with Mark and Meg and get back into proper eating, sleeping and running etc routines.

1. A much needed day off. By Friday last week I was frazzled! Just moving stress and so much to do, I was a bit useless at work and just wanted to be home, to get through my sorting and unpacking. My lovely boss agreed a very short notice day off and it is JUST what I needed. Just one day to myself so that I could get everything done without having to squeeze it all in around work. And I DID get it all done and I felt SO much lighter and happier for it.

2. Mark everyday. Mark and I have been together almost seven years and in that time have seen each other on average once or twice per week. Yes of course we have had holidays where we have seen each other every day for two weeks etc.  But now I will see him pretty much everyday! It's been 11 days so far we have been living together and I love seeing him everyday... hope he isn't too sick of me yet! hehe.

3. Rescuing a bee. Just on my way to the work kitchen the other day when I saw a very large bumble bee wandering down the corridor! I love bumble bees, well I love all creatures really and don't like to see anything suffering, so of course I rescued him! I made him a little cup of sugar water which he drank happily, then I popped him on a little wall by a bush outside. Hope the little guy is ok. But it made me smile thinking I (hopefully) rescued him.

4. A friends day. Recently I met a group of lovely ladies for lunch. We all used to work together on the same campus and regularly met for coffee and chats and giggles. Two friends left last year as part of a restructure and myself and another of the ladies got separated. So it was super lovely to catch up with them and have a laugh and nice lunch. Later that day I popped over the border to Scotland to see another friend for a flying visit, for dinner and a catch up. A great day spent with friends always makes me happy.

5. New Game of Thrones. Well what can I say about this one? I've been waiting for aaaages for this, and it is here... we watched it already, it was good! I do enjoy this programme, I love how gripping it is but what I like best it is something Mark and I enjoy to watch together.

6. New kitchen cabinet curtains. Our kitchen is teeny tiny, but painted red and is super cute. Mark decided to take the cupboard doors off to make it all more open. The high cupboards look fab open, with all our colourful glasses and crockery on show but the bottom shelves do look a little messy. So I had an idea to make some little curtains, you know, like a 1950s style kitchen, I completed work on 2 out of 4 this week and on my oh my they look SUPER cute! They are red gingham, screeeam! They just finish the kitchen off so well.. I just love staring at them!

7. Fearne on YouTube. Yeah! I love Fearne Cotton! I happened to notice she has a little YouTube series on happiness! Double yeah. I'm attempting my own happiness project this year so I'm excited to see what she shares. This first video is a baking one, the muffins sound really yummy.

8. Sewing. Well I've had my sewing machine out a fair bit this week, first for the little kitchen cupboard curtains and then for some bunting my sister has asked me to make. I don't think I have worked on my sewing machine in months and months and it feels so nice to be back into it. It is especially nice to be sewing in front of a lovely bright big window, at my new lovely sewing desk in my new bedroom, in my new house too. 

How was your week? Don't forget to pop by and see my Wonderful Wednesday sharing pals here for extra doses of wonderfulness... SallyMichelleKateHelenCat and Kate.


  1. Hurrah for new home happiness, that moment when it stops feeling like someone elses house and you feel right at home is just lovely.

    A school day day off is a thing of beauty too, it feels so much better than a Saturday or Sunday, like a real treat.

    Look forward to lots more new home happiness (and I want to see the kitchen cupboard curtains - they sound lovely!)

    My week's been busy and full of people but really brilliant, like you said sometimes a good old catch up with friends is parfait.
    M x

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment. Yes certainly the kitchen cupboard curtains will be featuring on the blog soon... just got the other two to make and hang now... x

  2. ooooh Fearne Cotton on Youtube you say?!?! *scampers off right away* - off to have a little peek - i flipping love FC!!!

    So so pleased you are settling in and how lovely is your boss?!? Nice of her to let you have some time to sort it all out last minute.

    I love that you saved little Mr Bumblebee - he must have been so confused wandering around your corridor - i also love that you gave him a little drink :) My grandad used to spend hours in the garden and he used to always talk to the bees.

    Have the best rest of week now everything's calmed down a bit - now you can start to enjoy your new home xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Sally. I flipping love FC too, can;t wait for more vids from her.x

  3. I am so so happy you are settling in well to the new house. That day off sounds like the bees knees. Sometimes you just need to be productive to feel a little bit clearer about everything. Your new house sounds like the cutest thing ever! A red kitchen with gingham cupboard curtains you say? And a little somewhere to have a sewing desk? You've got a good one!

    Isn't it just lovely to spend time with good friends? and good food? I always feel so happy after chatting and giggling with some of my closest pals. Between them and Mark you've got some good ones!

    Have an awesome end to your week
    Kate xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Kate. I'm really pleased with the new house now. Lots of bits still need done to make it perfect but there are lots of lovely bits too. x

  4. Haha the new series of Game of Thrones made my pick of the week too! Isn't it great?!

    Bless, I love your story about rescuing the bee! I'm sure he flew off on his merry way afterwards - I have read that you're supposed to give them some sugary water if they're looking a little poorly...and honey bees really do need a helping hand sometimes!

    Hope you're having a wonderful bank holiday weekend x


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