18 May 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 9

Well it will be a bit of a bumper edition this week to cover two weeks worth of wonderfulness! I sort of forgot about this little post last week, my excuse is that I was terribly terribly ill! Only joking... I had a cold and was mostly feeling sorry for myself. All better now though.

Let's get right into it then... My happy list for the past two weeks....

An evening walk to the pub and back. It was a beautiful sunny evening after work one day last week. Mark got in and suggested a walk to the pub. We love this little pub quite a walk away along the river and in a little village. It's a beautiful walk, we go for the walk as much as the drink; we only stayed for one. This should be a weekly activity I say!

A day out with my dad. I love days out with my dad, we have lots in common and enjoy visiting places together. Dad suggested a day out in Keswick (a very favourite little town in the Lake District, only 40 mins away) the other weekend and as I wasn't busy I said yes straight away. Weather was lovely and just fab to wander a shared favourite place with my dad. Dad is also from Keswick so it's nice to hear his stories about growing up here too.

Proper sun. Well yes, this has probably been making me the most happiest of all! It's been lovely weather (mostly) for the past couple of weeks. It makes the walk to and from work such a pleasure and the days feel longer and you can do fun things in the evenings. It really does just put a smile on everyone's face.

Meg on lead. Yes Meg has been venturing outside in the big bad world of our little tiny terraced walled garden/yard. I bought her a little harness and lead, its pink! She is in equal parts both terrified and excited. She wants out ALL the time now though, she cowers at the door, goes a few steps and runs back in.... I'm not sure where this will all lead, but it's lovely seeing her explore new things.

Driving lessons. Shhhh, don't tell anyone but I have been having a few refresher driving lessons in the attempt to boost my confidence. It's a little embarrassing considering I only passed last summer, but at least I a doing something about it. I've had one in the instructor's car and one in my car.  I, like Meg, am in equal parts both terrified and excited by this. I told my instructor to push me and she very much is... I just want to be good at driving already....

A family of ducks. I spied a wee family of ducks gently floating down the river one morning on my way to work and it was such a lovely sight. A mother and her many little ducklings happily following along. I could have stood there ages watching. 

Visits from my mum when I am ill. I don't cope with being ill very well, because well I am very very rarely ill! But I was ill last week I seemed to be fighting off a cold or something as I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks, just exhausted and yuck. My mummy offered to come over with medicine (I never have medicine because a.... never ill, and b... I'm SO not an adult!) she brought cake and cream crackers too. Anyone else only want cream crackers when they are ill? Just me!? lol. I still very much need my mummy when I'm ill.

Evening bike ride. I took myself off on Sunday night for a lovely late evening bike ride just before it turned dark. Along the river I went, exploring my new neighborhood. Only a short ride of around 9 miles but it was lovely it was. And the best bit... well you can see in my image above... a baby Donkey! I did let out a teeny squeal when I spotted him! 

Eating well. What is it about slightly warmer weather and the desire to eat healthily? I've been craving juicy things, fruit, veg, light meals. I don't want crazy sugar and stodge, it just does not seem appealing to me at the moment. This is MOST unusual for me! But I am happily going along with it and long may it last. Healthy eating makes me all kinds of happier!

Summer wardrobe planning. I don't do summer well. I'm most certainly a winter person... cardigans, cosy clothes, mittens, thick tights, scarves, coats... I do like to be covered up. So as much as I love the long warm days and the happiness it brings... I do kind of dread the wardrobe choices. But I've been window shopping a LOT! (there needs to be a new term for this now one does one's window shopping virtually!) I have compiled Pinterest boards of summer styles, and have favorites lists of so so so many things to buy on payday... it's a LOT of fun. 

Moving on. So I moved house a few weeks ago, but up until last weekend I still had the keys to my flat. Lat minute tidying to do etc... I sort of moved before handing notice in so we could do it all in a phased way... anywho... Getting the final meter readings, handing the keys back to my landlord was the final hurdle and I just wanted it done and over with. I was kind of dreading it, thinking it would upset me a lot... but in the end I just needed the closure I guess. I did run out of the driveway of my flat really quickly after saying goodbye to the lovely old lady who was my landlord... told Mark to drive off really quick and I didn't want to look back. I approach these 'grown up' things like ripping off a plaster these days... or probably more like an Ostrich! hehe. It's one coping strategy anyway. But now it's done, chapter closed and it feels good.

Join in in the comments... what's been making you smile this week?

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  1. Glad to hear you are better Jo! I had a horrid cold too last week - wht is that all about! I felt like i could have slept for a whole week and it wouldn't have been enough! Nice to have you back :)

    Such a lovely little list - arent evening summer bike rides the best?! I wish lighter longer evenings happened all year round don't you?! Bless little Meg - i'll bet she can smell SO many new things!!!

    Also, i'm the same with cream crackers! Or sometimes rich tea biscuits too. We always had them when we were poorly when we were little!

    Lots of love xxxx

  2. Ostriching (definitely a word!) is the only real way to deal with adulting I find. That and evenings in the pub! I'm frankly devastated that I don't have a pub in walking distance to home.

    So glad you're feeling better, those springy colds are evil.

    Hope you (and the courageous Meg) have the best rest of the week.
    M x

    1. Oh and I forgot to tell you my happy bits, which have largely involved bargain wellies and getting home from holiday to some very waggly puppy bums. Bliss. Weirdly the post holiday ironing has not made my list this week.


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