3 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 16

Almost forgot about this little post there for a moment... so just getting it together rather late...

Here's what's been making me smile this week...

1. The thought of 2 days off work... Went and booked myself a rather short notice little couple of days off. I only made the decision on Monday... my days off are tomorrow and Friday, bliss! I have no plans yet whatsoever... but I suspect they may contain something along the lines of Netflix, YouTube, crochet, cat cuddles, PJs.. might even throw in a little bike ride if I'm feeling energetic.

2. A trip to the beach. We were out for a bit of a drive at the weekend and went past a place in West Cumbria called St Bees, neither of us had been before but had heard nice things. It was nice! Super nice! A beachy place and really pretty. (yep that's it in my pic above)We wondered to ourselves why we had never been before... We explored a bit, did a lovely cliff walk, got some ice creams... went home again. It was nice to explore somewhere new in this wonderful county of ours.

3. Exploring woods. Another new place! We went woods exploring, something Mark and I actually do a little bit of... Mark wants to buy some woods you see, and that's SO exciting! So we go and visit little woods to buy. This one (not too far from St Bees) that we explored at the weekend is a contender. It had some lovely huge old trees. I'm crossing all my fingers...

4. A good catch up with my friends. My friends came round on Saturday night to chat. It was nice! We chatted mostly about babies, and baby things... cos everyone in the world seems to be pregnant or just had a baby. Talking about babies is great, as long as the conversation doesn't turn round to 'so when are YOU having babies then', LOVE that one, NOT! hehe.

5. A morning with my nephew. More babies! hehe. Well actually Corey isn't a baby anymore, he is almost three whole years old. My plan was to go to soft play, then the play park near my new house, see Meg the cat and then home on the bus... Corey didn't want to go to soft play, then he did, he didn't want to go in his pushchair, then he did... then changed mind again completely and just wanted to stay in instead... he DID want to eat the not so secret stash of bribery chocolate buttons in my bag of course (top aunty tip, always have bribery buttons!!! Us auntys get away with naughty treats! ha ha ha (evil laugh). So in the end we downloaded about a MILLION dinosaur games onto Aunty Jo's phone and played them for about 4 hours straight. We had fun though.

6. More sleep. I keep saying to myself I would be happier, more motivated, less likely to resort to energy drinks (ugh), and eat better if I got a bit more sleep... I'm averaging maybe 5.5/6 hours per night and its not enough. Combination of never going to bed at a decent time, my insistence on getting up super early to either a. drive with no other cars on the roads, or b. run,  plus not to mention the cat jumping on me as soon as the sun rises. But some how this week I have had some decent sleep. Like 8 hours for a few nights! what! How did that happen? .... And you know I do feel a bit fresher for it...  Let's try and do this a bit more often Jo, eh!

How has your week been? Anything that has made it that extra bit wonderful? For an extra dose don't forget to pop along to  SallyMichelleKateHelen, and Cat. 


  1. JO! How the BOBBINS do you cope on SIX hours sleeeeeeep?!?! I'd be an absolute monster if that was all i got! I do feel like lately though, i work and sleep, work and sleep etc etc but i have to have at LEAST seven or i'm not worth knowing the next day!

    How pretty is St Bees?!? We might have to go and visit. I'm always complaining that the beaches here are nowhere near as lovely as the ones near my parents (The solway beaches are MAGICAL) and actually i'd never even thought about St Bees!

    Also, buying woods?!? How exciting! What does he have planned to do with them or is it all tip top secret?!?!

    Enjoy your days off lovely one {lazy, pj days are good for the soul!}and thank you SO much for joining along xxxxx

  2. Your own WOODS??? That's the dream! For adventuring in any time you like yes?
    A couple of cheeky days off isn't to be sniffed at either. Have fun, even if you do nothing very much at all.
    M x

  3. Ahh, I love spontaneous days off. Sometimes you just need them to recharge the batteries!

    Oh I love the beach, I think I'm going to head there this weekend since the weather is meant to be nice (I hope, could change before then...). You're beach spot looks gorgeous!

    Here's to more sleep, I know I need some!

    ~ K



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