24 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 18

Well well it's been a busy old time here... I was just too busy and flustered to do my little happy post last week (boo). I work in a university and as A-Level results day approaches we get VERY busy as you can imagine... We were all whisked off to our Lancaster campus to work 12 hour shifts for clearing. It was busy and stressy, I was away from home for 2 nights... just ugh. 

So that explains my absence last week... but THIS week I feel like I have TONS to keep me smiling...

1. Wednesday off I'm off work today! hurrah! Not being at work is all I can think of at the moment, so this makes me very happy indeed. Today is my day off in lieu as over the 2 days I was in Lancaster last week I worked enough overtime for a full day off. I am also off the rest of the week on planned annual leave for something SUPER exciting...

2. Festival Wuhu! Mark and I are off to local festival Solfest for the long bank holiday weekend. We go tomorrow and will be camping 4 nights. I'm praying for good weather... eek... but what can you really expect from the Cumbrian countryside. We are taking the BIG tent and Mark even purchased a separate shower tent and solar showers... it will be like luxurious festival glamping! (except of course for the awful toilets we still have to use! griiiiim!) But let's not dwell on those... 

3. Glitter Just always, am I right? There's always an excuse for glitter no? I remember when in my teenage years (and no doubt a good portion of my twenties) tipping bottles off the stuff all over my face to go out to 'rock' clubs in the evenings.... Now as I very quickly (save me!) approach the grand old age of, cripes... 36... (Oh god, that was tough to write that!) there just doesn't seem to be the glitter opportunities there once was. Sob. But FESTIVAL! I WILL wear my hair in bunches, I will wear silly little dresses with wellies, I will wear flower crowns, put neon face paint on and of course ALL the glitter... wuhu!

4. Craft fair crafts see my blog post here for more on this. I have been working hard and squirrelling away some super cute small crafts for a charity craft fair recently. I approached my deadline at the weekend and I spent some time gathering them together and photographing them. Oh my my this made me happy. I'm never one to shout about myself much, but I don't think I'm actually too bad at crafty things. It makes me smile to see lots of little bits and bobs that have actually worked out. I get so much pleasure from packaging them up nicely and seeing them off to new homes. 

5. Hanging out with my friends This weekend was super lovely. I went to see my bestest friend Jools just over the border in Dumfries. We don't seem to see each other very often which is very sad but it's lovely when we do get together for long chats and Pimms! This weekend was extra special too as all 3 kids were home (seems to be a rare occurrence) and we all hung out.  We chatted about impending uni, youtubers, clothes, made friendship bracelets, and played Pokemon! wuhu. It is dawning on me that I have more and more in common with the kids than my friend Jools these days... hehe. (never grow up!)

6. Being back home with Mark Being away from Wednesday to Friday for work kind of sucked. It was loooong boring, busy days and it felt like I was away a lifetime. I'm not too good at going away really (unless to friends houses of course, or with Mark) so it felt SO nice to eventually land home around 8pm on Friday night and spend some quality time with Mark. Coming home always feels so nice.

7. Happy smiley birthday face This one should have been in last week's missed one, but I couldn't not include Birthday Boy Corey in my little happy list. My eldest nephew turned 3 last week and we had a dinosaur party for him. It was LOTS of fun! We were all so excited to see his little face when he walked into the room all decorated... and he did not disappoint! A big smiley face and a lovely big 'hello' and a cuddle for us all. 

What's been making your week that little bit extra happy? Need an extra pick me up... pop on over to the most wonderful of the Wednesdayers... Sally... and not forgetting this lovely bunch too ... MichelleKateHelen, and Cat.


  1. I do love a day off in lieu, the other half has a day in lieu on Monday for working the bank holiday so I'm looking forward to spending an extra weekend day together.

    Sounds like a cracker of a week and I hope the weekend is just as great!

  2. There's something pretty sexy about a mid week day off when you normally do Mon-Fri. Hope you made the most of it. AND I do hope the weather up north is as glorious as it is here this week for your festival times. 100 times yes to dresses and wellies and glitter and flower crowns.
    Have a brilliant rest of the week.
    M x

  3. Oh my goodness, I feel your pain. I once had a temping job at a university in London during the summer holiday while I was at university and I had to help man the phones during clearing. Such a nightmare. Well done for getting through it...and it must have made coming home so much sweeter!

    Hope the sun is shining for you this weekend. I have never heard of solar showers! What the what?!

    C x

  4. Hurrah for days off work, yay! I just had a quick look at some of your crafty bits from the recent fair you went too, and they're so cute. I love just spending an afternoon creating something. - Tasha


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