23 January 2017


I'm getting really into piercings at the moment, can I stress here that when I say that I STRICTLY mean nothing below the neck! hehe.  So I am writing this little post to talk a little about my piercings and show off some pretty jewelry.

I have no idea when I got my first ear piercings, somewhere around the age of 11 or 12? I think I was in primary school? I'm sure my mum remembers... I do remember wanting to get them pierced for EVER!

I got them done at the local market with a piercing gun, and had those massive classic studs everyone gets, mine had a blue stone, I was so proud of them.  I kept them clean and never ever had any issues.

I very quickly followed with a second set of holes in my lobes and again loved them! I loved experimenting with different jewelry in each piercing and in each ear.

Fast forward to university, the age of 18 and now was the time to really experiment.  In my first week of uni I had bleached my dark brown hair white and then post box red and got a large ring through my eyebrow.  Probably tame to a lot of people but this was my little act of rebellion. I will always have that delightful, visible, scar in my right eyebrow to 'commemorate' the occasion! hehe. (no regrets though, I adored my short lived eyebrow piercing).

And now at the age of 36 and I'm still that 12 year old who wants a first piercing, I'm still that 18 year old who craves a slightly 'edgier' look.  Above are my ears today.  I have stretched my lobe piercings, (intentional odd ones) to 12 mm, and a new addition last year, I have had my daith pierced.  Now of course, I want more...

I first stretched my lobes probably about 10 years ago now.  I started seeing a lot of stretched ears about and loved the look, thought I would give it a go one rainy weekend....

I'm guessing everyone knows how you do this right? Not just take a large hole punch to them, as one person assumed! It is a gentle (ish) stretch over a number of weeks.  I was careful to keep them to a 'neat' size, 12 mm, I didn't want to go crazy, but gosh its kind of addictive when you get into it.

Yes, of course it hurts, but only like a sting for a little while then it heals and you move on.  I think I tried to keep a few weeks in between stretches. You use a taper for this, a large cone type thing, you can get pretty ones so they can stay in your ear.  Then you just keep getting bigger and bigger.

I am of course obsessed with buying jewelry and my shop of choice is Crazy Factory, the prices are dirt cheap! If you spend £20 ish you get free shipping, they come from abroad somewhere and take a week or two to arrive but worth it. Of course I always manage to send the £20!

Above are a little collection of plastic coloured tunnels I got recently.

A collection of coloured plugs, these ones are stone and some plastic too.

I love to switch up my jewelry and wear different things everyday with different combinations.

Some more pretty style plugs, the clear ones have real pressed flowers in and the others are 'semi-precious' stone.

I do love a glittery plug too!
My ears are odd, I mean obviously the piercings! I purposefully chose to stretch odd holes, so in my right ear, above, I have the second hole stretched.  I then wear a little half hoop in the first hole with balls on the ends.  I love the look of this little hoop, this is a piece of jewelry I used to wear in my eyebrow piercing.

I also have my daith pierced in this ear, I treated myself to this for my birthday last year. I never consider these things for very long, just got it into my head I NEEDED it done one day, so went for it. This piercing has been awesome! The piercer I went to was awesome, it didn't hurt one bit and because it is inside my ear it doesn't get knocked or snagged on anything.  It swelled up a little at first and went through a yucky gunky stage (nice) but now 4 months on it has healed super well.

Don't ask me how I go about changing up this jewelry, I have no idea! I don't think I could even do it on my own, something to return to the piercer guy for I suspect.  But for now I love this cute little implant grade titanium ring with a bluey opaly effect ball.

I have quite the little collection of 'normal' ear piercings and only really one hole I wear them in.  I never change the little half ball ring in my right ear, that hasn't moved in the last, er 15 years or so.
So this ear is a little plain compared to my right, but I do enjoy matching my tunnel colours to little stud colours, as you can see here.

So what next for this ear? I wont go mad, but another couple of piercings here somewhere this year I think....
 Sporting a pretty yellow flower plug here and then a glitter one with a teeny star stud.

All my stretched jewelry lives in a box together, I love choosing different bits each day.

Are you into piercings? What do you have, I would love to see (but let's keep it neck up people, ok!)... always looking for inspo for the next piercing...

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  1. I had no idea you had such a collection , I well remember the battle for your first piercing but I don't recall how old you were , just , too young , in my opinion and a bad example to your younger sister !! I have mellowed with age and I quite like your piercings now !! Just not too many more please ! Lol


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