21 April 2017

A crochet blanket for a baby girl

I completed yet another crochet baby blanket, you can look back on previous blankets right here, should you like that kind of thing.

This little soft pastel coloured blanket is a gift for a friend's new baby girl. I must confess this blanket has been on the go rather a long time. My friend actually asked me to make this blanket not long after the birth of her first child. The blanket was to be single bed sized.  But we both kind of forgot about it and the size of the blanket just overwhelmed me.  Plus I wasn't exactly using the cheapest wool and to continue to make a full sized blanket we were talking nearly £75 in wool, no joke! Handmade items, are by no means a 'cheaper' option anymore, far from it!

So I decided as I had done quite a few squares already to add a few more and stop at a newborn pram sized which is far more manageable.

The pattern I used was this one, but I did not include the faces this time. I don't love how on some patterns of blanket they end up being non-reversible. Then if you include embroidery faces the blanket ends up having a very ugly back. I'm too much of a perfectionist for ugly backs! haha.

So the squares are equal purple circles with pink outside and pink circles with purple outside.

The pattern is really straightforward and is mainly trebles.

I do really enjoy making blankets, I love to have a project on the go. I only seem to be motivated to crochet when it is for somebody else! I have 3 blankets on the go for myself and they NEVER get done.  But on completion of this one I am now projectless, so anyone want to commission something...

I have learnt along the way that I have to consider very carefully what I will agree to making for people. Most things I make are gifts and I decide what to make and how long it will take me etc. I can quickly and easily make up Crochet Pals and small amigurumi, I will always take commissions for these but blankets are another thing entirely.

I am not sure non-crocheters realise HOW much work is in a crochet blanket of any size. I don't even have a clue myself to be honest as I tend to work a little bit here and there but it would be interesting to log my hours for one sometime.

I never attempt to make a business out of crochet, most things as I say are gifts, then if I get requests from friends I will mostly just charge them for the wool and not for labour.   But anything I charge would never ever cover the true cost of materials plus labour.  You have to consider the time it takes to design the thing, and of course making it. The hours and hours of stitch after stitch... What's your hourly rate? What would you be willing to charge for your time? A true cost of a crochet blanket should run into the hundreds... but nobody would ever pay that right? I don't envy people who choose to craft and crochet for a living, a LOT of hard work and time.

The yarn I used is Sirdar Snuggly DK, which you can find here. I do like this wool, it is nice to use and comes in a massive colour range.  The price is not too bad either.  However it is just not Stylecraft Lullaby which is my favourite yearn by far. Every time I use anything other than Lullaby it just doesn't feel nice to me.

The colours here are Little Bud (439), Dovely (189) and White (251).

I joined the entire thing in white which I wasn't sure about at first, but it certainly grew on me.

I used a Clover Amour hook in 3.5.

For the edge I went all the way round in white with double crochet stitches. this just completes the white square all the way around for each one.  Then I did 1 row of purple doubles and finished in 1 row of pink doubles.  I copied my edging for this blanket as I was just SO obsessed with it.

Here you can see the back of the blanket. See it is not a massively reversible pattern which is a shame.  But I tried my very best to get it neat and tidy on the back at least.

It is SO hard to do a full length shot of a blanket, just cannot quite get it in shot all together with my phone.  But here is a half 'ta-dah' with the blanket folded over.  The other half is identical! hehe.


  1. It is beautiful Jo , your crochet skills far exceed the little I taught you !

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Jo, you're so talented! x

    1. Aw, thank you for your comment, Cat x


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